How Elon Musk’s Twitter Deal Will End: Outkick Founder Clay Travis

On Friday’s episode of “Jesse Watters Primetime,” Outkick co-founder Clay Travis speculated about how billionaire Elon Musk’s deal to buy Twitter would pan out.

Clay Travis said, “What’s going to end up happening — I’m looking right now, the stock price is down around $2 in the after-hours trading, which suggests what I think is the most likely outcome here.”

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How Elon Musk’s Twitter Deal Will End

“Elon Musk and Twitter will engage in a protracted legal battle before they end up agreeing on — if I were predicting a purchase price — somewhere less than $44 billion. Musk can argue that he’s getting some sort of compensation for what he believes are misattributed numbers of users on the Twitter platform.”

Elon Musk Twitter Deal Will End
Elon Musk Twitter Deal Will End

He further said, “Twitter can still get a better value than they would if Musk were allowed to walk away completely and their stock was returned to the open market.”

“It likely would fall into the 20s — near around half of what Elon Musk is willing to purchase for. So based on the way the stock market is reacting here in the after-hours to this news, I think there’s going to be some sort of negotiated settlement.”

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