Encanto: Release Date Status, Cast, Plot, Trailer and Much More 

The musical fantasy, Encanto, loaded with light entertainment is arriving soon. Encanto is an upcoming American computer-animated film by Walt Disney Animation Studios set in a fantasy version of Colombia. Encanto is the 60th film to come from Walt Disney Animation Studios that is created and directed by Zootopia, Byron Howard, and Jared Bush which represent a return to its original stories and away from the recent run of sequels the animation studio has released so far.

Encanto promises to be a lively musical and follows a magical family in the hidden mountains of Colombia. 

The official news of its arrival made by the makers has aroused enthusiasm and excitement among the fans to watch the upcoming animated comedy film.

Here in this section, we have some notable information about Encanto like its release date, cast, trailer, and many more which you should know about the movie. Read below for further updates.

Encanto: When will it premiere?

The wait is finally over for the fans out there. The film is all set to present the exciting journey and shooting has been completely wrapped up.

As per the official updates made by the creators of the movie, Encanto is scheduled to be theatrically released on November 24, 2021, and will hit the theatres in the US.

As per the official updates it has been made clear from the side of the makers that the film is not going to debut on Disney+ because Disney+ is lined up with many shows like Mulan, Cruella, Peter, and Wendy Jungle Cruise. So there might be a disappointment for the Disney+ subscribers.

Who will be the casting members in the show?

As of now,  the list is not shared. We have names of a few characters from the upcoming animated movie. 

  • Stephanie Beatriz as Mirabel Madrigal
  • Diane Guerrero
  • Wilmer Valderrama
  • Angie Cepeda
  • Rhenzy Feliz
  • Carolina Gaitan
  • Jessica Darrow
  • Adassa
  • Maria Cecilia Botero
  • Mauro Castillo

Although we do not have the list of all the key characters of the show, if we get any updates regarding the entire cast of the show then we will update this section at the earliest. However, the above-mentioned characters have been shown in the official trailer of the film. 

Encanto: What will be the plot for the upcoming movie?

Encanto is all about a story of an extraordinary family, the Madrigals, who live hidden in the mountains of Colombia. The entire family lives in a magical house, in a very vibrant town, and in a wondrous charming place called an Encanto. 

The magic of the Encanto is unique in that it blessed every child in the family with a surprise and unique gift. It also gives super-strength power to children to heal. The trailer has shown that every child of the family gets a gift except one that is Mirabel who has been deprived of all the gifts of Encanto. 

However, when she comes to know and discovers that the power and strength of Encanto are in danger, she decides that she is the only ordinary Madrigal who can take after Encanto, which is the last hope of her family. Although, this unique concept is going to be very exciting to watch and explore this animated comedy show. The entire show is a combination of emotions, comedy, and supernatural power around which the whole movie is going to revolve.      

Is the trailer out for this animated comedy movie?

Yes, the trailer of the animated comedy film has been released as per the official sources and you can visit Walt Disney Animations Studios’ platform to watch the trailer or may get it on other platforms as well. 

The trailer of the film introduces the characters without any dialogue as they happily dance around the town of Encanto. At the end of the trailer, we found that deprived Mirabel who did not receive any gift is receiving a special gift.

The trailer teases: welcome to Casa Madrigal. Where all the exceptional, fantastical, magical except deprived Mirabel.

Final Words

Walt Disney has been making commendable efforts to bring more diversity to its films. However, Encanto will be the first Latinx Disney animated film which is coming out on November 24, 2021.

So, this is the major information about the film revealed by the makers of the show and we will keep on updating this section once they disclose any further updates. Do comment your views about the trailer of the movie in the comment box. Till then stay in touch with us to get more latest updates on upcoming movies and series. 

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