Erased Season 2: Cast, Plot, Release date, and More.

There are many overlooked anime preserves on Netflix, but “Erased” is one of the most prominent. Even though the fascinating time-travelling drama has only 12 short episodes, audiences are left wanting more. Please somebody tell the makers we are hungry for the erased season 2. We were gifted with an unusual and fantastic anime series titled “Erased” in the year 2016. It didn’t take very long for this series to gain a massive following. 

“Erased,” like other anime series, is based on a light novel, and we must admit that it translated well to the screen. The classic manga was published in 2012, while the first instalment of the audiovisual anime series was released in 2016. The first season was prosperous enough to achieve a worldwide audience. The series got international attention in multiple languages after its first broadcast on Fuji TV.

After the series’ popularity, the creators were thrilled.

Release date

 All of the fans are debating whether or not to wait for another season. Other production studios and streaming sites are rumoured to be interested in acquiring the rights to this series. 

If this is correct, we may receive notification of the show’s renewal. Everyone expected the second season to be released quickly, given the show’s success. But, unfortunately, that did not happen. Because it is now 2021, and the production company has yet to remark about the second season. 

However, it should be noted that the cancellation has not been announced. Season 1 of Erased premiered on January 8, 2016, and ended two months later on March 25, 2016, with a total of 12 episodes. Given that the first season was only released a few months ago, there is a chance, especially since people are still talking about it. 


Satoru, a 29-year-old aspiring manga artist who works as a pizza delivery boy, is the protagonist of Erased. His life, however, is not without a mystical element. Satoru occasionally finds himself a few minutes in the past, with only enough time to save the life of someone nearby. And, while he considers it more of a nuisance than a superpower, he nevertheless tries his hardest to save as many people as possible after each time leap.


However, after one of these “revivals” sets in motion a chain of events that culminates in his mother’s death, he jumps 20 years back in time. He comes to one conclusion as a 29-year-old trapped in the body of a 9-year-old: to rescue his mother’s life, he must first save someone else: his classmate from a serial killer.

The main plot began when he was forced to act like a school kid and perform various tasks for an 8-year-old to save the girl.  He manages to become her ally, inviting all of his buddies to his house for a birthday bash and abandoning his introverted identity. Hinzauki was in a horrible circumstance since her mother was a bitch who was consistently high and assaulted her child, and she didn’t have enough food at home. That was why she was an outcast who couldn’t make friends.

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Nature gradually plans and implements numerous actions to assist her friend. It is discovered that the School professor was the Culprit who abducted children from various locations. He was able to save Hinazuki from the attacks she had been subjected to in her previous existence. Along with Saturo, the teacher was drowned in a frozen lake, but he managed to survive.

This is the fundamental summary that the audience was aware of, but there is still more to the story potential that can be filmed.

Now let’s see season 2 because no detailed information is available, but the fans are waiting warmly.

Cast information of erased season 2

We will witness our two favourite characters if the comic is renewed for season2:

Satoru Fujinuma and Kayo Hinazuki. If the story takes a turn, we can even see some additions to the characters range. 

All we can do is hold out hope and anticipate the release of ‘Erased’ season 2 at the end of 2021.

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