Eric Balfour Net Worth: Early Life, Career And Much More

Eric Balfour Net Worth

Eric Balfour Net Worth: There is an estimated $1 million in Eric Balfour’s bank account. Eric Balfour Net Worth has increased gradually. Starting in the early 1990s with “Kids Incorporated,” Eric Balfour made his professional acting debut. After that, he appeared on shows including “Arresting Behavior,” “Danger Theater,” “Step by Step,” “Doctor Quinn, Medicine Woman,” and “Boy Meets World” as a regular cast member or special guest star.

The movies “Shattered Image,” “Trojan War,” “Can Hardly Wait,” and “Scrapbook” are just a few of the ones he’s been in since then. Since the late ’90s, he has alternated regularly between cinema and television roles. His most famous works are the movies “In Her Shoes,” “Six Feet Under,” “Veritas: The Quest,” and the television series “24.” He was a co-star on the SF series Haven throughout its 2010-2015 run. In addition to acting, he is a member of the band Born as Ghosts.

Early Life

On April 24, 1977, in Los Angeles, California, Balfour entered the world. He was born to chiropractor David Balfour and marriage and family therapist Sharon Balfour. He was raised in a Jewish household alongside his younger sister Tori. Since he was a young boy, Balfour’s family supported his interest in the arts and his desire to express himself creatively.

The family vacationed frequently at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California. This is a retreat centre and intentional living community that emphasises Eastern spiritual concepts and practises including meditation, art, and self-awareness.

Eric Balfour net worth
Eric Balfour net worth


Balfour got his start in the industry when he was just a young man. 14 years ago, in 1991, he made an appearance in an episode of “Kids Incorporated.” Small parts in popular shows like “Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman,” “Arresting Behavior,” “Boy Meets World,” and “Step by Step” dotted his early 1990s television resume. When “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” premiered in 1997, he was featured in the pilot and the second episode as the show’s first victim. Eric Balfour Net Worth increased year over year.

The HBO series “Six Feet Under,” which he joined as a series regular in 2001, was one of his first notable acting roles. There was a strong following for the show, which aired in 2005. He had a recurring role as a computer technician in seven episodes of the first season of “24,” which aired in 2001. Five years and one season later, in the sixth season of the show, he returned to the role.

In the early 2000s, he was a regular on three more series. Although “Veritas: The Quest” was cancelled after only four episodes in 2003, he has a part in the show. Aside from “Sex, Love & Secrets,” he was featured in the 2004 film “Hawaii.” He co-starred with Jessica Biel in the remake of “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” in 2003.

When he starred opposite Lauren Lee Smith in the racy 2005 Canadian drama “Lie with Me,” he was criticised for the content of his performance. While the NBC criminal thriller “Conviction” only lasted for one season, he landed a starring role in the show in March of 2006. When “Dawson’s Creek” first aired, he appeared on the show as a guest star.

Appearing in a wide variety of shows during the 2000s, including “Monk,” “Law & Order:: Criminal Intent,” “Life on Mars,” and “Fear Itself,” he was a popular guest star. In 2009, he became a regular on the television show “Valemont.” A second leading part in a series that lasted until 2015 came his way in 2010. Balfour made an appearance in 78 different shows. And now he’s the face of Valentino’s men’s cologne, Valentino V. Eric Balfour Net Worth is $1 million.

He had recurring parts in several shows during the 2010s, including “Christine,” “Charmed,” and “Country Comfort.” The miniseries “The Offer,” in which he appeared in 2022, was released that year. His filmography includes the likes of “Skyline,” “Backcountry,” “Cell 213,” “Agenda Payback,” and “Little Dead Rotting Hood.” Eric Balfour Net Worth skyrocketed by such shows.

Personal Life

In 2010, Balfour started dating Erin Chiamulon, a fashion designer. The pair tied the knot in Pacific Palisades, California in May of 2015, after five years of dating. In August 2018, the couple gave birth to their first child, a son. When another boy was born to them in May of 2022, they rejoiced. Eric Balfour Net Worth is estimated to be $1 million.

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