Evil Dead Rise Release Date Coming Soon: Get Ready to Be Scared

Being a lifelong admirer of the horror film franchise, I had no trouble accepting Ash vs. Evil Dead as a fitting send-off for the Evil Dead movies when it concluded in 2018. Still, I was game for another round of human vs. Deadite action, so the idea that Evil Dead Rise is taking off is fascinating. We’ll start with that, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg of what we know about one of the most incredible future horror movies: when even troglodytes with screwdrivers can watch it.

Evil Dead Rise Release date

April 21, 2023, the release date for Evil Dead Rise was announced alongside many changes to the Warner Bros. distribution plan (including HBO Max’s House Party adaptation also getting the theatrical treatment).

Evil Dead Rise Release Date

A theatrical release for the horror film would be announced when Bruce Campbell hinted to One Take News that it was possible and after Deadline reported in August 2022 that it was happening. According to Deadline, the movie’s trailer was well-received at CineEurope, which bodes well for the film’s eventual theatrical release.

As the 1981 original The Evil Dead became a cult classic after being released on home video, it seems sensible that the latest installment would premiere first on HBO Max. Several fans, including myself, were disappointed that the films in the franchise would not be returning to theaters, but who are we to laugh now?

Alyssa Sutherland of the Vikings Heads, the Cast of Evil Dead Rise

At its heart, Evil Dead Rising is a family drama about two sisters mending fences with one another just as malicious, possessive ghosts are set loose to rip them apart once more. Alyssa Sutherland, who you may recognize as Queen Aslaug on Vikings or from The Horror Collective’s World War II horror flick Blood Vessel, will play the possessed mother, Variety says (and the video shows).

Lily Sullivan, who starred as her sister in the 2018 sequel and is best known for her role as Ash in the Amazon Prime whodunit miniseries Picnic at Hanging Rock, plays a stand-in for Ash in the sequel.

In addition to Nell Fisher, 9, who may be destined to join the legion of horror Scream Queens with this being her cinematic debut, the Evil Dead Rise cast also includes Morgan Davies from the Australian drama series.

The End, Gabrielle Echols from the Reminiscence cast, Mia Challis from Netflix’s Clickbait (who joined the ensemble in July 2021, according to Deadline), and more. Yet, there is one notable omission—someone many would consider the current “Scream King”—and more on that moment.

Evil Dead Rise Release Date


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Bloody Trailer for “Evil Dead Rise” Horror Movie Clichés and Extremely Dysfunctional Family

Two versions of the official Evil Dead Rise trailer are available: one with a green band trailer (suitable for all viewers) and one with a red band trailer (unsuitable for all viewers). Regardless of which teaser you watch, you can safely assume that the central family is in for a rough time, as they are targeted by the same evil, possessive entities that troubled Ash Williams and his friends in the original, only this time they are living in an apartment complex instead of a wooded cabin.

The clip also foreshadows one harsh mother, a nod to The Shining (in particular, the image of blood gushing from an elevator), and other explicit references to the original films (such as using a chainsaw to combat the Deadites).

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