Ex Who Unleashed Terror on Family in Montana Had Numerous ‘Red Flags’

A man who drove his truck into a family of five on vacation in Montana and then opened fire on them with a shotgun had sent up “red flags” about his mental health in the years before, according to his sister. He was only stopped when the apparent target of his anger was able to fight back and kill him with his own knife.

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Ex Unleashed Terror On the Family

Derick Amos Madden, 37, allegedly opened fire on David Siau, 39, and his daughter McKenzie, 18 months old, from his truck after they had arrived in town from Pompey, New York. Christy, Siau’s wife, was critically injured but managed to survive the ambush on Sunday. The couple’s other two children escaped unharmed after they managed to escape to safety.

Ex Unleashed Terror Family Montana Numerous
Ex Unleashed Terror Family Montana Numerous

Madden’s apparent intended victim was his 30-year-old ex-girlfriend, Christina Siau. David’s sister Christina practiced medicine as a medical assistant for the Native American population in East Glacier. Officers say that after Madden’s gun jammed, he pulled out a knife and began stabbing Christina. Despite being seriously injured, Christina was able to kill Madden at the scene of the horrific crime.

Despite the fact that police have not yet disclosed how Madden died, his sister told reporters on Wednesday that she had been told by investigators that Christine had wrested the knife away from Madden and stabbed him to death.


Michelle Madden, 38, expressed her condolences to the Siau family “We have no idea why [he did it].”

Michelle is still in Oklahoma, where she and Madden grew up, and she claims she is in disbelief. Christine, with whom Madden had been in a sporadic relationship for the past decade, said that he suffered from clinical depression and other mental health issues.

“My brother… suffered from mental illness and had a brain injury, where they had to put it all back together,” she said. “He wasn’t supposed to drink on his medication, the medication he took every single day. But he had been. In the past, he had multiple instances where he would go sleepwalking and not remember any of it. It only happened when he was drinking his medicine. That’s the only thing I can think of.”

Pastor Michael Mazzye of North Syracuse’s Renovation Church called David and Christy Siau “caring, sweet people who are thoughtful to others.”

A spokesperson for the Indian Health Service confirmed via email that Christina has been working at the Browning hospital since 2019.

A spokesman for the Oklahoma National Guard said that Madden had served for about ten years, the majority of that time spent with the 63rd Civil Support Team. They are responsible for providing “expert support to civilian first responders in the event of chemical, biological, nuclear, radiological, and high yield explosive-related emergencies.”

The spokesman added, “we have had no other interactions with him since he separated from the Guard on April 3, 2013.”

Michelle claims to have witnessed a radical change in Madden’s character after his time in the military.

“He would never have done anything like this [if he was] in his right mind,” she insisted. “That doesn’t make any of it OK… It doesn’t matter if he meant to do it or not. You can’t undo any of it, you can’t bring any of those people back.”

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