Facebook Outage Sends QAnon Followers into Conspiracy Frenzy

On Monday, 4th October 2021, a Facebook outage sent QAnon’s followers into a flap of dodge theories. After Facebook and other social media platforms went disturbed for almost 6 hours, QAnon conspiracy theorists had entirely gone out of mind. The six-hour outage took the media offline, and the services were restored by 5.30 p.m.

How Long Did the Outage Last? Does the Outage Cause Any Leak of User Data?

The outage lasted for nearly about six hours on Monday. It impacted Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram, which left billions of applications users unable to use the apps for any communication or anything. 

Impact of Outrage on Facebook’s Market Value

The share price of Facebook came down and faced a massive loss due to a six hours long outage on Monday. The stock price of Facebook declined by 4.9%, causing $40 billion in losses to the company’s value.

What Has Facebook had to Say About the Reason Behind the Outage?

On outage, Facebook said that the outage was caused due to some fault in system configuration. Families of Facebook applications went down and said in a tweet that there is no evidence of compromising user data to any hacking organization.

Facebook Outage Sends QAnon

When the social media platforms went down, QAnon conspiracy theorists, out of whom many angled off from the top social media channels, began to speculate about the purpose of the outage.

John Sabal, also known as QAnon John, asked Telegram “if the so-called Blackout caused the outage.”

What Did QAnon John Say to Justify His Claim?

To support what he claims, QAnon John shared a post from 4th October, Monday on the message board website 4Chan-where someone claimed to work for “a big worldwide internet entity” and stated, “a global internet outage would impact social media networks first, then the rest of the internet, and last 15 minutes.”

“Someone on the /pol/ (4Chan politics board) knew what was coming,” he alleged. “Could this be the blackout?” added him further.

After a few minutes passed following the outage, this website found out that the post had been widely spread all over, and multiple people on the racist-slur-packed message board were captivated by this.

Who Was the Whistleblower Who Spread the Allegation?

After making multiple stunning allegations by whistleblower Frances Haugen about Facebook, Ron Watkins, the individual blamed by some for being after the QAnon conspiracy cult, questioned whether the outage could have been a sort of damage control.

What Did Ron Watkins Share on the Telegram Handle Which Caused Chaos?

On Telegram, Ron Watkins asked, “Is Facebook down because of the FB whistleblower?” after spreading his blunder allegation. “Shutting down your service is the nuclear option of ensuring a specific item is not shared on your platform.”

“It could also be a ploy to divert your attention away from the whistleblower.” Said by Facebook

For those who don’t know, let us tell you that Ron Watkins and QAnon John have hundreds of thousands of Telegram followers together. 

They will also be seen at the current month’s For God and Country: Patriot Double, Down weekend convention, to host several people who follow the QAnon conspiracy theory.

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