Facebook pays Million Roubles fines to Russia for failing to delete content Moscow

Meta is slated to appear in court for alleged persistent breaches of Russian content laws and might be penalized a proportion of its yearly revenue in Russian. In the latest court battle with Russia over contentious social media regulatory legislation, Facebook was penalized $229,643 for failing to remove content that Moscow considered illegal…

According to the Interfax news agency, Facebook has deposited 17 million Roubles in fines imposed in Russia for neglecting to erase content that Moscow considers unlawful, but even a possibly higher penalty looms.

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In October, Russia summoned official debt collectors to recover 17 million roubles in fines levied on Facebook. According to the federal bailiff service’s records, there were no further investigative procedures against Interfax.

This year, Moscow has upped its pressure on global Web corporations in what opponents see as an attempt by the Russian government to exercise closer authority.

Reason For The Imposed Penalty

According to the Moscow Times, Russian social media management regulations require all international technology companies to retain information on Russian clients and customers on Russian servers.

Facebook pays Million Roubles fines to Russia
Facebook pays Million Roubles fines to Russia

In reality, On November 25, a Moscow court ruled that Facebook had paid a fine imposed in February and that all charges against the US-based social media company had been dropped. The compensation is in response to the lawsuit filed against the firm and Twitter in 2018. 

It is worth remembering that Facebook had a run-in with Moscow late last month, ending in a payment of 4 million roubles for failing to comply with Russian data localization regulations, as per the Moscow Times.

Furthermore, the internet businesses were fined an extra 3000 rubles for failing to follow the law’s customer data exchange restrictions. LinkedIn, which is controlled by Microsoft, was earlier prohibited by the Russian government for breaking the law.

Now, it is reported that all Russian tech companies will be compelled to share encrypted data with federal authorities as well as monitor user calls, messages, and civil society group discussions. The technology is said to be a grave breach of human privacy, with uncontrolled back-door access to personal data that are used to harass Kremlin critics.

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