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Fact-Checking Policy

The reporters and editors at Greenenergyanalysis are solely responsible for the accuracy of the information they publish. There is a multi-tiered system of editors and reviewers who go over each story before it is posted on Greenenergyanalysis, and this process may involve fact-checking.

Greenenergyanalysis takes the responsibility of fact-checking its posts very seriously; when a reporter submits a story, we immediately contact the source to verify its integrity before making it available to our readers.

Accurate Headlines

We strive to deliver 100 percent correct headlines that accurately reflect the contents of the so-called piece of news since we think the headline should reflect the substance.

Checking For Official Comment

We always contact the studio or individual in question to verify any rumors, possible leaks, or unsubstantiated announcements we come across when reporting on them, whether they originate on social media, credit sites, YouTube channels, etc. Suppose we are unable to reach the relevant studio or individual. In that case, we will do our best to provide the most up-to-date information while also noting at the end of the post that the relevant authorities have issued no official statement.

When we are the first to break a story, we adhere to the highest standards of journalism.

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