Fate The Winx Saga Season 2 Release Date Status: Is it Confirmed Officially or Canceled?

Welcome back Fam! Today we are here discussing this amazing magical story that has been our best childhood memory.  If you remember The Winx show which was earlier a cartoon and was also my all-time favorite show. As this show contained everything starting from magic to fun and you would never get bored of it. 

Just like a lot of other people I also had watched every episode of this new you Netflix show known as the Winx Saga, the first season was a complete blast and I have watched all 6 episodes in one go.  I loved this show more than I could ever think of as it will refresh your childhood memories in just one go.

Just like all other Netflix stories this story also ended with suspense and in the end had left us with a lot of unanswered questions. I had even rewatched the shows looking for various clues and information to know more about the show. However, I just think that we will have to wait for the second season to get all the answers to our questions.

So don’t be curious if you are also a fan of the Winx Saga as we have covered everything you need to know about this upcoming show. So keep on reading further to know whether there will be a second season or not.

Is There Going to Be a Second Season of the Winx Saga?

Netflix has recently announced that Fate: The Winx Saga is going to be renewed for a second season as well. In an official announcement and the trailer on the Facebook page of Netflix the showrunner of the show, Bryan Young had shared a short clip of what we should be expecting from the upcoming series.

The first season contained a total of six episodes and showed a basic plotline of this incredibly rich world and all the fairies who had such abilities.  In the show, Bloom’s story would be seen to evolve and all the other fairies will have their own story as well such as Stella, Aisha, Musa, and Terra. We are also expecting new fairies in the upcoming season.

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Fate The Winx Saga Season 2 Plot

A lot of things happened at the end of the first season. Bloom gains her fiery fairy wings and defeats an entire army of Burned Ones as she unveils a different level of her fairy powers. With the help of the Queen of Solaria and the entire army, Rosalind, the extremely manipulative previous headmistress of Alfea, ruthlessly kills Headmistress Farah Dowling and acquires authority of the school.

Bloom informs her mom and dad that she is a fairy who was switched at birth with their human child, and they seem to love and accept her equally. The Queen discloses that Andreas, Sky’s father,  has been raising Beatrix by hiding her from everyone. Beatrice would be Rosalind’s threatening henchwoman, all these years.

Rosalind furthermore describes who the beast Burned Ones are and how they’re linked to Bloom: “There was a legend about it.” It dates back over a thousand years. By the way, that would be the age of the Burned Ones. They were soldiers from all the past wars.

Fate The Winx Saga Season 2
Fate The Winx Saga Season 2

The legend is all about the spells that were used against them. They had been created by all of this. It’s a strong statement and has a primal instinct. The Dragon Flame is a powerful weapon. Before killing her, she says to Dowling, “It burns from within our changeling friend.”

That’s a lot to process, and it isn’t even close to everything. First and foremost on the list of unanswered questions is: who are Bloom’s true fairy parents? Is Dowling officially dead, or is she going to rise again to assist Rosalind in her defeat? Was Beatrix telling the truth when she said she was from Aster Dell, or would she be a blood witch? Are Riven and Dane, the two characters by far the most chemistry, in my opinion, going to end up together? All of these possibilities could be explored in season 2.

Fate The Winx Saga Season 2 Cast

 Abigail Cowen (who also plays Bloom) disclosed in a recent interview that if the show is renewed for season 2, they might very well revive Flora, a beloved character from the previous cartoons. Tecna and Flora Tecna were replaced by a completely new character, Terra, an earth fairy who is a cousin of Flora, as per creator Brian Young.

Some fans were outraged by such a decision, and also the general casting of Fate, referencing the exclusion of Flora, who would be a Latina in the cartoons, and the trying to whitewash characters such as Musa, who was initially pictured as East Asian but is depicted in the show by a white actress.

Musa, played by Elisha Applebaum, said in an interview that “It’s extremely disappointing to learn that fans were dissatisfied with the cast. She also added that she  wasn’t involved inside the casting process, and even though she hoped that fans would like what they saw and how she had portrayed Musa.”

“If we are fortunate enough to have a second season, she believes Flora would be introduced and she would undoubtedly appreciate that,” Cowen said about the casting concerns. She is not involved in the audition process, however, she believes that if the show is revived for season 2, these issues will be answered because she believes that diversification in front of and behind the picture is extremely important and needed throughout the industry.

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Fate The Winx Saga Season 2 Release Date

As of now, no certain update has been made by the makers regarding the release date of the show.  If the production and development go as planned by Netflix then the second season might be released sometime in 2022 itself.  So keep checking our column as we will keep the column updated for you for all the latest updates and stay tuned with us for all such amazing updates about your favorite shows and characters.

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