FBoy Island Season 2 Finale Twist is Game-Changing

Even though I’m not a big fan of reality shows, I can’t help but keep an eye on FBoy Island. That’s why the season 2 finale was so reaffirming.

Like Marie Kondo, I love mess. Moreover, FBoy Island lives up to its name’s connotation. While the show knows what it’s doing, Everyone on FBoy Island (well, okay, mostly everyone) is aware that they are not on, say, The Bachelor. Regardless of the outcome, the cast wants to have fun. We reached a new peak in the finale of season 2.

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FBoy Island Season 2 Finale Twist

The season has already begun with what appears to be more significant stakes. Instead of breaking the rules in the first season, season 2 would actually follow them; three single women in search of love arrive on a tropical island where they must choose between 26 men, 13 of whom identify themselves as “Nice Guys” (i.e. men genuinely looking for love) and the other half as “FBoys” (i.e. guys only there for the money).

They each get $100,000 if the woman chooses a Nice Guy in the end. If she goes with an FBoy, he has the option of staying and splitting the prize money with her, or he can walk away with it all.

Nikki Glaser, the show’s host, turned to the only man who had taken the money and pulled it from under his feet in Season 1. As an alternative, the show decided to donate his winnings to a charity selected by the woman who received them. It had been stated at the beginning of season 2 by Nikki, however, that the winner of Season 2 would be allowed to keep all of the money they had won. She technically kept her end of the bargain… until she tacked on yet another rule.

In the penultimate episode, the Mansplain arose, in which all the expelled men were allowed to express their true feelings toward the final two men whom each woman chose. The first shock came with this revelation.

FBoy Island season 2 finale twist is game-changing
FBoy Island season 2 finale twist is game-changing

It was revealed that Tamaris decided to take Niko back after he admitted that he still had feelings for him despite being a Nice Guy who had been eliminated. Nikki announces that if Tamaris wants to bring back Niko, she will have to get rid of one of her two current boyfriends: Tom or Casey.”

As a result, Niko was once again back in action.

Before making their final decisions, Nikki imposed a new rule: the ladies are allowed one more option. Since Nikki wants to give all three of you equal opportunity to make your own decisions, she said to them, “Ladies, you can choose to break up with both of your top two men tonight.” Instead of picking one or the other, an FBoy has the power to keep the entire $100,000 for himself, just like you do when you pick him. She confirmed that the men had no idea this was an option before the final elimination round.

When the men and women were reunited, Louise revealed that she had chosen FBoy Mercedes, who had decided to split the money and remain in a romantic relationship with her. After that, Mia decided on FBoy Peter, with whom she also decided to split the cash. Tamaris arrived next.

FBoy Island and its contestants are aware of the nature of the show and act accordingly. Except for a few obvious exceptions, Tamaris appeared to be having the most fun out of the three of them. She had a fling with Tom that was hot and heavy, but when he started getting too sentimental, the flames went out. The so-called Nice Guys thought they could persuade Tamaris otherwise or that she would simply grow out of her aversion to having children and marriage.

I indeed applauded when Tamaris cut ties with Casey (who she wasn’t particularly interested in) and Niko (who she was into but not in a head-over-heels way). Furthermore, she had a secret of her own to tell the guys.

As she introduced herself, she explained, “I came here as a… FGirl.”

Casey was no exception; he had his own thoughts to share. To be fair to Tamaris, she did so in the privacy of her own room. It was a difficult decision, but “sometimes you have to choose yourself, and that’s never a bad thing,” she explained.

Again, it appears that the season finale had a major impact on the outcome of the competition. No, the guys don’t have to deal with the pressures of season three. There are two other Nice Girls, so will there be one FGirl or two? There are so many unanswered questions. There is so much drudgery. The only thing I can say about the Warner Bros. Discovery shakeups is that FBoy Island will not be affected.

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