Federal Aid to Oregon’s Farmers Totals $2.1 Million

Eleven Oregon farmers will share in $2.1 million in awards from the USDA, as reported last week by Senators Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley of Oregon. Such manufacturers will use the money to increase their clout and introduce new items to the market.

“Oregon’s family farmers and ranchers have put Oregon on the map as an agriculture powerhouse, all while supporting jobs across the state. These grant dollars help kick-start efforts for family farms to innovate and continue to compete in a global marketplace,” Wyden said.

“On National Ag Day and every day, I will keep fighting to secure similar investments that support Oregon Ag producers for generations to come.”

“I hear from Oregonians across the state about the need to ensure our world-class agriculture sector has the support it needs to grow and thrive,” Merkley said.

“The opportunities these grants will create for innovation and keeping Oregon farmers and ranchers competitive in the global market will have lasting impacts for Oregon communities. I look forward to seeing the great things to come from these grants and will keep working hard to make sure Oregon farmers and ranchers have what they need to succeed.”

Federal Aid to Oregon's Farmers Totals $2.1 Million

The funding announcement was made last week on National Ag Day. The grants are accessible thanks to the Value-Added Producer Grant Program of the USDA’s Rural Development agency. The funding is meant to assist farmers in developing new goods, expanding their market, and raising their revenues via value-added endeavors. These are some of the ones that have been declared:

  • Zena Forest will use a $249,592 award, a farm near Rickreall, Oregon, to increase sales and production of broad-planked engineered flooring made from raw logs.
  • Enterprise, Oregon’s Stangel Livestock, a family farm, has been awarded $250,000 to help increase demand for and sales of grass-fed bison meat and other bison products.
  • With the help of Oregon State University’s Food Innovation Center, the Scenic Fruit Company, a farm in Gresham, Oregon, will utilize a $72,000 grant to conduct a feasibility study and launch a blueberry dessert topping.
  • The $234,895 award will be used by Firebird Farms, an Oregon farm, to increase output, capacity, and sales of Tibetan yak fiber products such skulls, skins, and down fiber.
  • Eagle Point, Oregon’s Wild Oasis Bison Ranch, received a $250,000 award to increase visibility for and demand for bison meat products.
  • Sisters, Oregon farm Rainshadow Organics, which has received a $49,999 grant, plans to use the money to promote and sell more Shrub, a juice drink made from defective or unwanted vegetables.
  • With the help of the Oregon State University Food Innovation Center, La Creole Orchards, a farm in Portland, Oregon, will utilize a $49,999 grant to increase the marketing and sales of its olive oil.
  • Junction City, Oregon’s Creamy Cow will utilize a $250,000 award to increase the visibility and demand for its soft and hard cheeses.
  • Mulino, Oregon’s Lady-Lane Farm, received a $250,000 award to help them reach new customers needing cheese, butter, and ice cream.
  • Canby, Oregon’s TMK Creamery will utilize a $250,000 government subsidy to increase demand for its hard-pack ice cream, Swiss cheese, and Cowcohol vodka.
  • My Brothers’ Farm is a family-run farm in Creswell, Oregon, and they want to utilize a $250,000 award to increase the visibility and demand for their organic hazelnuts.

According to reports, USDA Rural Development Oregon State Director Margi Hoffmann stated,

“National Ag Day is a time to recognize and celebrate the abundance provided by agriculture and the unwavering commitment of our nation’s agricultural producers.” 

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“Through severe droughts and extreme wildfires, Oregon’s farmers, ranchers, orchardists, and fishers put food on our tables, create jobs, and supply our nation. With the support of programs like USDA RD’s Value-Added Producer Grants, their innovation and resilience have made Oregon a national leader in sustainable, climate-smart agriculture.”

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