Fire Force Season 3: Release Date Status, Cast, Plot, and Trailer

If you are an anime lover, you must have watched the previous seasons of Fire Force. The story is beautifully extracted from the manga of Atsushi Kubo. Season 1 ran from July to December 2019, and season 2 ran from July to December 2020, both seasons managed to get a very positive response from the side of viewers and they have been continuously looking out for the arrival of season 3. 

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As we have mentioned this series has done well among the fans and they are asking for its revival as they have showered tons of love to it. It got 7.7 out of 10 IMDb, 7.7 out of 10 on MyAnimeList, and 91 out of 100 on Rotten Tomatoes.

Now, the fans out there are eagerly looking for the next arrival that is season 3 and they want to know when this will arrive, what could be the expected release date with the certain cast. In the below section, we will be sharing all the recent details about this action comedy-drama season of Fire Force.

Fire Force Season 3


Fire Force Season 3: Release Date

The second season of ‘Fire Force’ premiered on July 4, 2020, and aired until December 12, 2020. The second season is composed of 24 episodes, each lasting 24 minutes. There has been no official announcement from David Productions regarding the third season, but there is a good chance because the series has done well so far and has been well received.

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The manga’s volume 20 has been changed in the second season, but there are still more chapters to change, and fans want to see that happen as well. Making more seasons of ‘Fire Force’ would be profitable. The people who worked on the show are the ones who decide when a new season is required.

They have been working on a show for almost a year, and they can make new episodes in 2021-2022 if they want to. Hence, we can predict if the makers of this show announce any concrete plan to revive this then most probably we can see this on the screen at the beginning of 2022 or the end of the same year. Till then we need to wait for more until it is announced officially. 

Fire Force Season 3: Cast

There are no official details about the cast of the show because it had not been renewed yet. It’s unknown whether the show will be revived in the future or not. That is why it is difficult to predict anything about Season 3’s cast. However, we have noticed that the majority of present series’ remakes feature past lead actors.

The creators make minor changes to the cast, but they do not remove the main characters from the drama. Hence, we can speculate that if the series is revived then most of the characters will be retained in the upcoming series and more new faces might be added to the list of cast. Here, in the section, we are sharing a list of the cast and characters played.

  • Aio Yuki as Kotatsu Tamaki
  • Kenjiro Tsuda as Joker
  • Saeko Kamijo as Maki Oze
  • Iris by Mao Ichimichi
  • Yusuke Kobayashi as Arthur Boyle
  • Kazuya Nakai as Akitaru Obi
  • Kenichi Suzumura as Takehisa Hinawa
  • Eric Vale as Arthur Boyle
  • Sarah Roach as Maki Oze
  • Alexis Tipton as Iris
  • Sonny Strait as Joker
  • Christopher Wehkamp as Takehisa Hinawa
  • Jeremy Inman as Akitaru Obi
  • Jad Saxton as Tamaki Kotatsu

Fire Force Season 3: Plot

As of now, the show makers have not announced any concrete plan for the official plot, we do have an exact plot for this but we have extracted out a few hints for the upcoming plot which we will be discussing in this section. Season 2 concludes on a sad note with the attack of Tokyo. When the fearless captain of Special Fire Force Company 4, Sicher Hague, is murdered, the city’s defenders lose hope.

It makes Company 1’s mission easier when the emperor orders them to join arms with the invaders. Shinra and Arthur Boyle, on the other hand, are welcomed to Fire Force Company 7’s base, where they are put through intensive training under Captain Benimaru Shinmon. Shinra uses the training to go to “The Press of Death.”

The Evangelists’ third season will focus on a battle. Special Fire Force Company 8, and the battle will take place in Tokyo. They have been considered traitors and will have to figure out how to change people’s minds. However, some predict that season 3 will be the anime’s final season.

We can expect a conclusion in season 3 if the producers don’t include any filler episodes. Then we will have answers to the majority of our questions. Season 3 will keep us engaged with our televisions with action sequences and emotional themes.

Fire Force Season 3: Trailer

There is not a trailer just yet for the upcoming season. However, we are sure to bring that, as soon as it drops. Although, we are expecting that before dropping the trailer first a teaser must probably be out with a specific official release date, a month or two before the actual release date. Keep following for the regular updates on your favorite stories.

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