Fire Force Season 3 CONFIRMED Release Date Status, Cast, Trailer And Latest Updates

Having the protagonists be firefighters adds another layer of appeal to Fire Force, which has a wide perspective. Since the anime’s release, it has earned a lot of fans thanks to its suspenseful and intertwined plot.

As a result of the popularity of animation, there has been an increase in sales of cosplays, stickers, button pins, and other related merchandise. It will be easier to find Fire Force fan groups at anime clubs and parties if you wear Fire Force button pins. Fire Force custom-made pins or buttons on the bags might be a terrific way to meet new acquaintances.

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On May 16, 2022, the third season of Fire Force was finally confirmed after months of anticipation. Because the underlying material is so well-known, this was not a surprise to us. Unfortunately, we don’t have any more information for you, but you shouldn’t expect the season to air before 2023.


Fire Force Season 3 Release Date

By the year 2021, Fire Force had two seasons of 24 episodes each, for a total of 48 episodes. The first season premiered on July 6, 2019, and ran until December 28, 2019.  The second season was broadcast from July 4, 2020, to December 12, 2020, a year after the first.

Up until May 2022, there had been no word on whether or not a third season might be in the works. There was a lot of material to adapt, and knowing that Fire Force isn’t yet finished, there would have been more stories to adapt if the producers decided to do so.

The anime didn’t adapt the entire manga, not even the entire story up to the second season’s start.

Fire Force’s third season was confirmed on May 16, 2022, when it was formally announced.

Unfortunately, no new details have been supplied, so we’ve left in the dark once again. The release date for a hypothetical third season could be sooner or later depending on if the producers choose one or more 24-episode seasons.

Fire Force Season 3 Trailer

The third season of Fire Force does not have a trailer, as you may have guessed. Why? Because Fire Force‘s third season has yet to be produced. We’ve already stated that the series will return, but until we obtain official confirmation of the start of production, we won’t be able to show you a trailer.

If you haven’t watched the trailer for season 2, you can check it out below.


You can’t expect to know anything about the anime if you don’t know anything about it. The manga is set in the future where sea levels have risen so much that continents have fallen and many countries have been wiped out.

A perpetual thermal power plant, the Amaterasu, has been created by the Sacred Sol Church and Haijima enterprises in the tiny Tokyo empire.

An elite group of firefighters known as the Fire Force has been put together in Tokyo, Japan, in order to combat a rising number of cases of spontaneous human combustion, in which humans change into living hells known as Infernals.

However, the following generations have pyrokinesis while still maintaining their human form, unlike the original generation that was fired. The Santo Sol Church, the Tokyo Armed Together, and the Fire Defense Agency joined forces to form the Fire Force, which now consists of eight separate companies.

Fire Force Season 3
Fire Force Season 3

A third-generation pyrokinetic known as “Demon’s Footprints,” Shinra Kusakabe, joins the 8th special brigade, which includes other pyrokinetic persons, and is entrusted with both extinguishing the Infernals they face and investigating the previous Brigades 1 through 7.

Fire Force Season 3 Cast

Because no official information on the third season of Fire Force has been released, it is our best guess that the entire first- and second-season cast will reprise their roles.

Shinra Kusakabe voiced by Gakuto Kajiwara 

Firefighter Second Class Shinra joined the 8 Squad to save people and find out what killed his family twelve years ago. he is desperate to find out what happened. It’s been dubbed “Devil’s Footprints” because of his third-generation spontaneous human combustion talent.

Arthur Boyle voiced by Yusuke Kobayashi

A third-generation oblivious king, Arthur was abandoned by his parents after his small restaurant caught fire, who embarked on a globe tour. Because of his paranoia, Arthur is able to gain incredible amounts of strength and ferocity.

Maki Oze voiced by  Saeko Kamij

To better serve others, he served in the Tokyo Army before switching to the Special Fire Force. In addition to using her second-generation talents to create live fireballs, Maki also uses these fireballs to fuel her Iron Owl projectile weaponry.

Iris voiced by  Mao Ichimichi

Fire Force 8 Squad’s medic Iris is one of only two surviving nuns from the Temple of the Holy Sun and the only member of the squad without powers. As a final resort, she prays to the dying Infernals, who she believes will help her through this difficult time.

Tamaki Kotatsu voiced by Aoi Yki

As a former member of Company 1 and a sister of Rekka Hoshimiya, Tamaki was transferred to Company 8 after her suspension of her from the previous company due to her involvement in the crimes of Rekka Hoshimiya. Tamaki’s ignition ability, dubbed “Nekomata,” causes him to emit pink flames in the shape of a cat all around him.

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