Florida Shark Attack Leaves Teen With ‘Serious Injuries’

After getting “serious injuries” in a shark attack Thursday at a beach in Florida, a teenage girl is likely to lose her leg.

Shane Bethea, Addison’s father, wrote on Facebook that his daughter was “scalloping near Grassy Island” when an unidentified type of shark bit her right thigh. Addison allegedly tried to get rid of it by “poking it in the eyes and punching it,” but it wouldn’t move. It was said that the shark was about nine feet long.

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Florida Shark Attack Leaves Teen With Serious Injuries

Rhett Willingham, the girl’s brother, is said to have hit the shark until it let go of the girl. Bethea’s post says that Willingham then took his sister to a nearby boat and tied a tourniquet around her neck to stop the bleeding. After that, she was taken by helicopter to Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare with “serious injuries.”

Gina Deeson, a spokeswoman for the Taylor County Sheriff’s Office, said that the teen was in surgery that night at around 6 p.m.

Taylor County Sheriff Wayne Padgett said that the teen would lose her leg but was expected to live. Deeson told said that the teen’s condition was critical but stable.

Florida Shark Attack Serious Injuries
Florida Shark Attack Serious Injuries

“There is an unreal amount of damage to her thigh area. The doctors are unsure at this point as to the condition of the leg and want to take it day by day to see what will have to be done,” Bethea posted on Facebook.

Bethea said that Addison would be put to sleep until Friday morning. She kept talking to her parents on the phone and was eventually taken out of the tube.

This is the second attack in the U.S. this week. In a recent study by Cal State Long Beach and the University of Minnesota, it was found that young white sharks swim along Southern California beaches when there are a lot of people there.

Researchers in Massachusetts are warning beachgoers about great white sharks on the other side of the country. Megan Winton, a scientist with the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy, told The Associated Press that the sharks will be in the area “constantly” from June until the fall because of the warm weather and the way they move.

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