Flowers May Be The Subject Of A Lawsuit For Hurt Liam Hemsworth

After two months, Liam Hemsworth is considering suing Miley Cyrus over Flowers, which topped Spotify for weeks. In a claimed letter circulating on social media, the Australian actor claims legal action is impending because his notoriety would prohibit him from playing in the future season of The Witcher.

Although Liam Hemsworth’s name is never mentioned in Flowers’ lyrics, a nod to the actor’s favorite song, “When I was your man” by Bruno Mars, which he dedicated to Miley Cyrus at the end 2018, is included.

Their divorce was finalized after only eight months of marriage. It is common knowledge that the 30-year-old singer used Flowers as an outlet for her rage over the Australian actor’s rumored extramarital affairs.

Flowers May Be The Subject Of A Lawsuit From A Hurt Liam Hemsworth
Flowers May Be The Subject Of A Lawsuit From A Hurt Liam Hemsworth

A Reddit thread claims the paper is a blank slate that anyone can edit. Therefore, its authenticity and validity are still up in the air. Even if this were true, Miley Cyrus’ song ‘Flowers’ Made Liam Hemsworth Almost Lose His Contract For ‘The Witcher.’

While the American singer has just posted a countdown on Instagram, it appears to be for the release of the Flowers Demo, an unaltered version of the song that is ten seconds longer.

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Liam Hemsworth Is Suing Ex-wife Miley Cyrus For Defamation Over The Latter 2015 Song Flowers

According to rumors, Liam Hemsworth may sue his ex-wife Miley Cyrus for defamation. After Cyrus’ new song “Flowers” almost cost him his job in “The Witcher,” the actor is suing.

The 33-year-old actor filed a “complaint for defamation of character” with Aceshowbiz after the musician allegedly sang about him in her successful new song. Liam called Miley a defendant in Twitter-leaked paperwork. He submitted the motion before losing his contract with “The Witcher,” according to reports.

Fans debated the filing online. “Miley Cyrus says she never cheated on Liam Hemsworth after news he filed for divorce”; therefore, if Liam feels the song is about him, he must have a guilty conscience.. this would also never hold up in court, haha,” read a tweet.
One said, “I doubt Liam Hemsworth is suing miley cyrus, but if he is: 1) her fans made up all that s**t about him, like cheating 14 times in the mansion from the “flowers” video. 2) Johnny Depp set a precedent for suing innocent individuals.”

Elsa Pataky, Chris Hemsworth’s wife and Liam’s sister-in-law commented on the alleged conflict.
Pataky supported her brother-in-law in a Europa Press interview about the successful song. “It’s an ancient topic for us,” she remarked. “If someone should comment, it should be Liam, but I think she [Cyrus] may do what she wants.”

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