When Food Wars Season 6 Is Going to Release?

Food Wars Shokugeki no Soma (also known as Sma of the Shokugeki) is a manga series by Yto Tsukuda that was created into an anime series. Netflix and Hulu TV were two of the most popular platforms for the anime series, which was first announced in 2014. Also, the third season of Food Wars has been licensed by Crunchyroll.

J.C. Staff, a well-known Japanese animation studio, was behind the production of the anime. The Disastrous Life of Saiki K and One Punch Man, two of the studio’s most popular recent series, will also conclude with a final season produced by the company.

The Yoshitomo Yonetani-directed anime adaptation of “Food Wars!” premiered on April 4, 2015, and has since aired 85 episodes. Food Wars: The Fifth Plate ended with a cliffhanger, leaving fans wondering if there will be the sixth season. So, will there be a sixth-round of Food Wars?

Food Wars Storyline

It is the goal of Yukihira Souma to become an apprentice chef at his father’s restaurant and eventually become a full-time chef and surpass his father’s abilities. Her father closed the restaurant after Yukihira graduated from middle school so that he could work in Europe.

A challenge from Jouichiro, a recent graduate of a prestigious culinary school where only 10 percent of students were able to graduate, re-ignited Souma’s spirit of competition and determination.

Food Wars Season 6 Release Date

A sixth season of the show has not yet been announced by the show’s producers or licensees, as of November 22, 2021, at the time of this writing. No new seasons are expected after the fifth season of this series was described as the final one. The new season of the anime is not included in the 2021 productions of the studio.

food wars season 6
Food wars season 6

There are a few things we can look at to see if there will be a sixth season of the show. One of these is whether or not there is adequate material for anime or not. Food Wars is based on a manga series, which is the traditional source material for anime.

In 2015, Shun Saeki and Yto Tsukuda’s manga series was published in Shonen Jump + magazine. Manga’s latest volume ranked 13th on the year’s list of greatest mangas. There were 36 volumes of manga that aired over the course of the 36-episode anime series, which wrapped up in 2019. The manga series has come to an end and will no longer be updated.

Will There Be a Season 6 of the Anime?

The anime series ‘Food Wars!’ has a huge following. We can see this from the five-season run of the show on television. In the anime world, there are few shows that can go on for long. Sales of compact discs are projected to be successful and popular as a result of this ongoing trend.

According to Myanimelist, Food Wars is the 51st most popular anime series. A new season would be expected if the source material were sufficient.

The manga for the anime was finished on October 4, 2019, and it is no longer being developed. Seeing an extra season seems like an odd omission. There will not be a sixth season of the show, according to our estimates. However, in the anime world, there are always new shocks.

Review of Food Wars Shokugeki Seasons

The first season of the series was excellent. Everyone in the audience agreed that the show was massive. However, in subsequent seasons, Food Wars was unable to meet this expectation and began to decline. The characters and the comedy were what made the anime so enjoyable.

Season 2 began with shokugeki as the sole focus and shifted away from his style. However, the restaurant rescue’ test at the end of the season surprised everyone by going well. The show’s first two seasons are the most-watched and most highly rated ones.

The “elite ten” is introduced in a spectacular fashion at the start of Season 3. As time goes on and the elite ten’s humanity becomes clear, it becomes apparent that they are just like the rest of us. Shokugekiden and foodgasm were the main themes of season 3.

Expected to be its final season, Season 3 and 4 saw a reduction in comedy. Even though the story had come to an end, the show’s creators decided to keep it going for another season anyway.

The overall quality of anime is better than normal, even if there are some outliers. Since the last few seasons, we’ve been harsh in our criticism. Many viewers’ thoughts on food and cooking were transformed by the anime, and as a result, they gained a better understanding of other cultures’ cuisines.

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Final Lines

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