Somali And The Forest Spirit Season 2: Released Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, And Much More

Will the most heart-rending series ever return with its second installment? What is the renewal status of this thriller story? Let us analyze the details on Somali and the forest spirit season 2.

Somali and the forest spirit is a Japanese fantasy series written by Yako Gureishi, it was broadcasted from April 2015 to October 2019 published by Tokuma Shoten. It has been adapted from the online manga series Webcomy Zenon. The story received a good response from the audience. It marked 7.6 on the rating scales of IMDb. The manga was adapted into an anime by Satellite and Hornets and aired from Jan 9 to March 26, 2020. The anime premiered on Crunchyroll from Jan 9 to March 26, 2020. Viewers are excited for season 2 but due to some health issues of the director Yako Guireishi, the season got canceled in Dec 2020. As we know that the anime was a big hit, so is there any probability for the revival of the story. Let us analyze all the possibilities of Somali and the Forest spirit season 2 in detail.

Somali And The Forest Spirit Season 2 Released Date

No official announcement has been made till now for the upcoming season of Somali and the forest spirits, as it got canceled by the makers due to deteriorating health problems of the director, Yako Kureishi.

However, we could have the story continuation, if it is adopted by any new director. But, overall the chances are pretty low for the same. If this happens, then we have to wait for a long time as it will go through various phases of production. We keep our eyes on the updates, if anything comes out, we will update the space.

What Will Happen if the Story Renews?

Featuring the anime adaptations will bring more sales for the manga series as the viewers are excited to know about the source of the series, but the cancellation of the manga series will hurt the series. 

There is a possibility that the series will no longer get renewed for season 2. So chances of the Somali and the spirit season 2 will remain uncertain. This show was gentle, there was a calmness to it that made things more relaxed and peaceful. As the first series covered almost everything from its source, it has six volumes serialized, but with the cancellation of the manga, there is not enough source material left for the upcoming season.

Somali And The Forest Spirit Season 2 Plotline

This Japanese series tells us about the strong bond between the young little girl Somali and an ancient automaton protector of the forest, Golem. 12 episodes series shows us the human race has come to extinction and the world is ruled by the spirits of Golem and all dangerous creatures. 

One day in the middle of the forest Golem a human dressed in rags and bound by the fetters comes across the child. Taking the child in he comes to know about the name of the child, Somali, who has no recollection of her parents and from where she belongs. After spending some time together, the two of them shared a bond similar to a father-daughter relationship, and Golem ended becoming Somali’s protector. Since Golem has only one year left to live, he left no stone unturned in finding the remaining humans, hence Somalia could be reunited with them. 


No matter what, Golem would do everything he could to ensure Somali, his little girl, was happy. In the very last episode of the manga series, the ending was a bit different from its source as it defines the emotional scene when he tries to leave Somalia with Oni. Taking it to the next level, it was these two that made Somali and the Forest spirit worth checking out. These two characters of 2020 are the first characters who need to be worth remembering.

If the next season arrives, it will be most exciting to see the rest of the remaining parts of the manga’s Volume 6.

Somali And The Forest Spirit Season 2 Trailer

No formal announcement has been made by the makers till now. The fans are waiting for the next season of the series, but the fate of the series is unclear, at the moment. You can enjoy the trailer of season one in the meantime.

Somali And The Forest Spirit Season 2 Cast

We know that the series is not supposed to hit the screens, but the fans are waiting to see the protagonist of season 1 again.

  • Golem: a forest guardian who finds a young girl, Somali
  • Somali: a young girl found in the forest by the forest guardian, Golem

If the story comes in the frame, we will get new characters as the result of the new direction of the show.

Anime Seasons

Final Views

This series was a pleasant watch. It had a genuine amazing animation, beautiful surroundings, the best music, and the last two phenomenal lead characters in the form of Somali and Golem.

Thus, it goes without saying, Somali and the forest Spirit earned a recommendation.

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