Fortnite Season 5 XP Glitch: Earn XP and Level Up Fast

The Fortnite Season 5, is coming a hot topic in the gamers community. After the recent update, many players have found an XP Glitch in the game that helped them to level up extremely fast. At this moment, Epic has fixed the Fortnite Season 5 XP Glitch, but still, all the players are entitled to receive 50,000 free XP as an apology.

There are several players those loved the glitch, but many of them have also been complaining about a new Fortnite Season 5 XP glitch. And owing to the glitch, this has one for the hot topic among the gamers.

Fortnite Season 5 XP Glitch

We all know that Epic release all the Fortnite challenges on Thursdays. From one of the challenges that were released yesterday, required players to find a specific location on the map. While completing the challenge, a YouTuber Glitch King came to know about this glitch that provides them infinite XP points.

As mentioned earlier, the glitch is now fixed. But still, if you want to know how it helped them to earn infinite XP and want to give it a try then keep on reading.

During the glitch, the players need to keep running back and forth in a small area inside the Weeping Woods. And all the players were getting 8K XP again and again for finding the hidden location.

This glitch helped some players to quickly reach level 300 on the first day of the event. However, at present, there isn’t any official word in regard whether that XP will be removed from the accounts or not, or they will be banned for exploiting this glitch or not.

When the developers’ team got to know about the issue, they temporarily disabled the challenges. Nevertheless, the challenge was re-enabled after nine hours when they patched the loophole.

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