Fox News Host Rails Against Literal ‘Free Lunch’ for Hungry Kids

It “kills” Martha MacCallum, Fox News Host, that New Jersey has a program that offers free lunch to school children. Fox News is a cable news network, but the news raised a question mark on the popular show of the host. The person who coined the phrase “there is no such thing as a free lunch” was most likely not thinking of children who otherwise would go hungry.

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Despite the fact that Martha Stewart was the host of Fox News. On Thursday afternoon, as Democrats in Congress discussed how much it will spend on what could be a major enhancement to the social security net, Fox News commentator Martha MacCallum expressed her cynicism. Want to go through the whole story? Check it out below.

What is the whole story?

All of this came to a head when Martha MacCallum took the stand and stated that it kills her because New Jersey has such initiatives that are unnecessary. She went on to say that it “kills” her that New Jersey has a program that provides “free lunch” to students.“One of several things that irritate me is that New Jersey now has a free lunch program. And it is open to everyone.

Even if you do not actually need any assistance, it will end up sending your child’s lunch to school,” she said unexpectedly. “So, those kids will all end up thinking that school lunch is free, right?” According to her, the impact of this decision would not be good in the longer term, as it would also provide assistance to those who actually do not require it.

Fox News Host
Fox News Host

“And then, Larry, God help anybody who comes along and tries to take it away. She went on to say, “You speak about free lunch,” which made her guest laugh. “I mean, once that occurs, right, if it’s embedded in there, that would never end.” She added.

“Her sympathy is with the guy who will try to prevent feeding the children,” Lis Power of Media Matters tweeted. Classic.” Former Trump financial adviser Larry Kudlow was his visitor in the showtime, and he was the one who initially proposed the idea that “free lunch can buy votes,” which he said, “may have been true in the worst of the pandemic, but is different in this regard.”

But it was MacCallum who was adamant about using this phrase. The actual meaning was the propaganda to collect the votes by providing free lunch unnecessarily. 

Kudlow agreed with her enthusiastically, bemoaning the fact that taxes would have to be raised to fund new social programs, without emphasizing that such taxes would disproportionately affect the wealthiest Americans.

He stated, “Common-sense Americans realize this is not right.” “They do not really want huge government socialism or a welfare state that we’re all reliant on.” Most of the people concluded that the funds would be raised with the excessive taxation of the citizens. Another thing that came out with the conversation is ‘Whoever came up with the term “there is no such thing as a free lunch” was most certainly not concerned about babies who may otherwise go hungry.

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Well, this discussion stretched to the edge, but the conclusion was against the free lunch program. What do you think? Would the free lunch practice help the needy or will it be an unnecessary burden to the residents as stated by Fox News Host? Is this just a vote collection agenda of the government or actually a welfare initiative for the kids over there? 

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