Fantasy Premier League: What Is FPL And How Does It Work?

You’ve been invited to join a Fantasy Football league, but you have no idea what it is or how it works now that FPL is back. Now that you’ve agreed to it, you’re desperately trying to figure out what it is that you’ve agreed to endure without asking your friends about it.

Note that the information here applies to the Fantasy Premier League game as presented on the website run by the league itself. There are a variety of alternative platforms, each with its own set of rules, so be sure to research the specific updated version you’re playing on and adjust your strategy accordingly.

What Is Fantasy Premier League (FPL)?

Players in Fantasy Premier League, an online football simulation game, earn points based on their selected players’ performances in real-world matches. To put it plainly, you pick an imaginary Premier League football team and earn points based on the actual performances of the players you selected.

For example, if the real Raheem Sterling scores a goal for Manchester City, and you have him on your FPL team, you will receive a reward. You earn bonus points if you start Jordan Pickford in goal and he maintains a clean sheet.

As you can see from the previous example, it is not acceptable to simply buy 11 strikers who score goals every weekend; instead, you must fill your team with players who play all the positions as a real team would. You’ll also need a goalkeeper, some backline players, some midfielders, and a couple of subs.

How Do You Use The Points?

There is a different point system for each position on the field. In most cases, goalkeepers and defenders earn five points for stopping a penalty or four points for a clean sheet; midfielders earn three points for assisting on a goal and forwards earn two points for scoring (4). The value of a given action in the real world, however, may vary depending on the player‘s position.

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In real life, for instance, defenders have the ability to score, too. However, due to its rarity, a defender will receive 6 points instead of 4 if his real-life opponent scores. On the other hand, a midfielder is credited with defensive efforts as well because of his or her role in the team. When it comes to keeping the opposition at bay, however, they aren’t as crucial as the defenders and will earn only one point for their team.

Keep in mind that players can actually lose points in the real world for things like getting sent off (-3 points) or missing a penalty kick (-2).

Weekly points for your captain are doubled. If your team’s captain also happens to be your team’s primary scorer, he will receive eight points for the goal instead of the standard four. In the event that your team’s captain is unable to participate for any reason, your vice-captain will lead the team.

Bonus Chips

Each of the season’s four bonus chips can be used once. The following are some of them:

Wildcard: If you use your Wildcard, you can swap out your entire team without losing any points. You should hold off on doing this until you have a good idea of who is doing well and who isn’t a few weeks into the season.

Free Hit:  A Free Hit is the equivalent of using the Wildcard, but your adjustments will only be in effect for the current game week instead of permanently. Following the conclusion of that game week, your team’s roster will revert to its original composition.

Triple Captain: Simply put, if you triple-captain a player that week, he or she will earn three times as many points as usual.

Bench Boost: If you use your Bench Boost, your bench players (who normally don’t score points unless a member of your starting XI misses the match) will start scoring points in addition to your starting players for the upcoming game week.

How To Login Your FPL Account?

To get started with FPL, go to and click the “Sign up” button.

Fill out the Registration Form with your details. Pick your email subscription options below to receive timely updates on your favorite team (s). Accept the terms and conditions and finish registering!

A confirmation email will be sent to the email you provided during registration. Your FPL account is ready for you to access with the username and password you created during signup; just check your email to confirm your account.

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