Who Is Frances Tiafoe’s Wife? Is She Suffering From Cancer?

Frances Tiafoe, a tennis prodigy with an interesting backstory, is seeing Ayan Broomfield, a talented young player from Ontario. In June 2014 and February 2015, Ayan, born in August 1997, won doubles titles on the International Tennis Federation tour.


About Ayan Broomfield

Presently, she is a UCLA student and a Bruins sports team member. Her 2019 NCAA doubles title win with Gabby Andrews is one of her most notable accomplishments.

Other than that, in May of 2015, the All-American tennis player peaked at a doubles ranking of 467. In April 2015, she peaked at No. 680 in the world in the singles rankings.

According to the UCLA Bruins’ official website, one of her biggest career highlights was beating her older sister, Kai, in a match for the first time. Kai went to Marshall University, where she played tennis.

The documentary “Ayan Broomfield Tennis Story” premiered on Amazon Prime Video in July 2019. Her future as a professional tennis player, the impact of Venus and Serena Williams on her life, and other information were all discussed in the documentary.

In terms of her personal life, she has been dating top-29 ranked American tennis player Frances Tiafoe for quite some time. During a 2018 press conference in Toronto, he talked about their relationship.

frances tiafoe wife cancer
frances tiafoe wife cancer

He admitted that American professional tennis player Victoria Duval first suggested Frances and Ayan date back in 2015.

Not long after that, he sent her a direct message on Instagram, which he described as “strange” because he was out of his comfort zone. The relationship progressed romantically once Frances obtained Ayan’s contact information.

The tennis star explained that the US Open was coming soon, so he expected to see Ayan there. On the other hand, she “dodged it and sought to play hard to get.” Thankfully, she could watch him play in the tournament because she was there. Ayan is now the most significant woman in his life with his mother.

Frances had already met and spent time with her family in Harlem before the couple began dating. When he finally asked her, it was on FaceTime, and she said yes. He said:

“I’m not even going to lie. I was tight. I was tight. She said yes. She had a long pause and then said yes. And then that’s — yeah, the story goes on.”

Frances Tiafoe has had a remarkable tennis career. He is the son of immigrants from west Africa. The Junior Tennis Championship Centre in Maryland was partially erected by Frances Sr., who had escaped Sierra Leone and found work on a construction crew.

The building proprietors recognized his hard work and dedication by giving him a permanent position as the janitor and allowing him to turn an empty office into his residence.

Frances Sr. and Alphina thought the tennis facility was a great place for their twins to grow up, so he would take them there five days a week while they stayed in a one-bedroom apartment with their mom and relatives the other two.

The hard-working man couldn’t afford to pay for tennis lessons for the twins, so Frances had to teach himself how to play by watching other kids do it.

His family didn’t have enough money to buy him new rackets, so he used the ones that had been thrown away, even though they were too big and too heavy for him. Fortuitously, Frances’s father encouraged him to pursue tennis to compensate for the lost time.

His father, Frances Tiafoe Sr., would tell him not to judge himself against the center-court youngsters whose affluent parents provided for their every need.

Has Ayan Broomfield Been Diagnosed with Cancer?

Although they are not married, Frances Tiafoe is dating a lady named Ayan Broomfield.

Unfortunately, it has not been confirmed that his partner has cancer.

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