Frankie Lons Biography: Keyshia Cole Opens Up About Death of Her Mom Frankie Lons

Keyshia Cole, an American singer, songwriter, actor, and television producer, has long acknowledged Francine Lons as her biological mother. American-born Francine Lons. In 2015, she and her daughter Keyshia made their television debut on the show “Frankie and Neffe,” which catapulted them to instant fame.

Frankie Lons Biography

Frankie Lons Biography
Frankie Lons Biography

Not only that, but she appeared on an episode of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew as a guest (2008). In addition, she became a household name thanks to her outrageous and fiery antics on “The Way It Is,” a reality show that her daughter Keyshia hosted. She had also written a memoir about her experiences with drug addiction, fame, and tragedy titled “The Best Years I Never Had.”

Moreover, she published this book. In 2019, she made multiple guest appearances on the BET miniseries “Keyshia Cole: My New Life,” in which she and Cole had numerous in-depth conversations, including one in which they broached the topic of death. On July 18, 1960, Francine Lons entered the world in Oakland, California.

She was raised in a family that mixed European, Asian, and American ancestry, but she herself was a U.S. citizen. Her complexion was very dim. She was born under sign of Cancer, and Christian faith was an important part of her life. Her kids and other close relatives recently gathered to celebrate her birthday. She had never brought up her family history before in any of her previous interactions.

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Who was Francine Lons Husband?

As a married woman, Francine Lons was a lady. She tied the knot with Virgil Hunter right away. Several people have hypothesised that Vigil Hunder is Keyshia Cole’s real dad. In contrast, Virgil Hunter did not fit this description. In one of her explanations, Francine said that Keyisha’s dad was a mix of Italian and white ancestry.

At that time, Keyshia’s biological father had already passed away. She had many romantic partnerships during her lifetime on Earth. In the future, when Keyshia was only two years old, she was adopted by Leon and Yvonne Cole. Keyshia adopted the Cole family name after she married into the family.

Keyshia grew up with her three siblings, Naffeteria Pugh, Elite Noel, and Sean Cole. Her final home was in Oakland, where she remained until her death on July 18, 2021. Her preferred sexual partner is a man, so she is probably heterosexual.

Keyshia Cole Opens Up About Death of Her Mom Frankie Lons

This week, news broke that Keyshia Cole’s mother, Frankie Lons, had passed away. Eventually, Keyshia Cole shared her feelings on the tragedy. Cole shared his condolences over the loss of Lons on Instagram on Thursday night, describing how the news of Lons’s death had hit him hard. I mean, man, this is tough.

Not sure how to put it into words,” Cole remarked first. “I honestly don’t know how I ought to feel. Never in your life will you be ready for something like this to happen. Cole stated that she had been talking about Lons for weeks, claiming that her “humor was unrivaled.” It was your inherent sense of humour that first drew Cole’s attention to you, he said. What drew me to you most was.

We all participated in it. Cole said that it was Lons’s greatest wish to be surrounded by “all of [her] children at the same moment,” and she thanked “fans and supporters” of both she and her mother. Cole concluded her devotion by promising to fulfil Lons’s dream. No matter how many times we disagree with one other, WE CHOOSE TO LOVE YOU. I adore you incredibly. This piece was written by Cole.

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