On Friday, Heavy Rain is Forecast for West Michigan

The spring season is finally here in West Michigan! This Friday is for you if you wish for thunderstorms and warm weather. On Thursday(March 30, 2023), a sizable system is anticipated to form in the Midwest. Late Thursday night, West Michigan may get light rain, snow, and beginning gusts of wind.

On Friday, several showers and thunderstorms will develop during the day. While it is still a few days away, the atmospheric precursors of strong to severe storms are beginning to appear on Friday afternoon and evening.

According to our most recent forecast models, precipitation is expected to start after 6 p.m. Snow and light rain are possible on Thursday. On Thursday night, our first bout of rain and snow moves north.

By 10:30 p.m., snow, rain, and freezing rain will mainly be likely north of Interstate 96 Thursday. There won’t be much precipitation or snowfall Thursday night. When warmer air moves in, all possibilities of snow disappear on Friday. On Friday, highs will reach 60 degrees, providing the necessary heat and instability for thunderstorms.

According to the prediction model below, widespread showers and thunderstorms are probable early on Friday morning. Early on Friday, there will be very little chance of any powerful thunderstorms, although there is a chance of torrential rain and lightning.

On Friday, Heavy Rain is Forecast for West Michigan

You’ll note that this precipitation is a component of a more extensive system and an impending warm front if you look at the Midwest from a greater perspective. The warm front will bring strong winds and warmer air, which might lead to more intense thunderstorms later on Friday.

On Friday, there will be intermittent showers and thunderstorms. If any severe storms form on Friday, they will do so later in the day and into the night. The current hazards from these storms include powerful wind gusts, hail, frequent lightning, and torrential rain.

According to the Storm Prediction Center, parts of southwest Michigan are expected to see strong to severe storms on Friday night. This primarily applies to the areas southwest of Grand Rapids.

A thunderstorm must have 58 mph or more winds and hail at least 1 inch to be classified as severe “a SLIGHT RISK. Berrien and Cass’s counties are shaded in yellow, category 2 of 5, a SLIGHT RISK.

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55 to 60 mph wind gusts are the main threat. See the image below. The lowest threat category is in green, a MARGINAL RISK. Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, and Arkansas will face a heightened risk of severe storms due to their ENHANCED RISK of strong/severe storms, a category three storm.

Wind, hail, and possibly a tornado or two will be the main concerns in these areas. Don’t get too cozy if you like the heat and thunderstorms. On Saturday, colder air will start to move into West Michigan, turning rain back into the snow.

At this time, the bulk of West Michigan will experience under 2 inches of snow, with Northern Michigan seeing the brunt of the snowfall on Saturday of snow accumulation. These snowfall totals might alter since the storm is still many days away.

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