Gal Gadot Says She Was “Shocked” by How Joss Whedon Treated Her on Justice League:

Gal Gadot broke down the silence regarding the mistreatment that she was receiving from Joss Whedon on the set of “Justice League”. She unfolds the mystery in an interview for Elle’s November Issue by saying “I was shocked by the way he spoke to me”. While talking about the incident related to Whedon she exclaimed that she was shaking like a tree.

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Gadot Spills All the Tea With Unbelievable Reveals:

Gadot revealed unbelievable remarks that were coming from Whedon towards her. It was not the first time that she came forward accusing him of such kind of behavior. Earlier this year while talking to Israeli outlet N12 she claimed that Whedon has threatened her regarding her career.

While having a conversation with N12 she said that Whedon kind of threatened her and might make her career miserable. she also added that she handled the matter on the spot and took care of it.

It can be seen Gadot has been going through a lot if all these accusations are correct. Wonder Woman Star is a very prominent face of Hollywood if she is facing such kind of mistreatment that might be an alarming situation for Hollywood.

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Gal Gadot Felt Dizzy in Disbelief:

While in an interview with Elle, Gadot revealed some comments that were made by Whedon which include, “I must say the head of Warner Brothers, they took care of it” retrogressing over the incident now that she was in her senses she further explained, how she felt dizzy because at the moment it’s hard to believe it’s happening to you and accept that the harsh words were directed towards you.

She also added that If Whedon has said all of those things to her then obviously he had also said it to many other people. She just did what she felt she was supposed and it was to tell people that it was not okay. Gadot was backed up by her co-star in the movie Wonder Women 1984 saying that Gadot is clear on what is right.

Gal Gadot
Gal Gadot

It seems like Whedon has always been rude to his artist costars and for Gal Gadot he has been creating problems since forever. When Gadot revealed her concerns about her character’s script which she felt was portraying her as very aggressive, Whedon rudely remarked that he is the writer and he can make her (Gadot) looks stupid if he wants.

Did Whedon Discriminate Because Gal Gadon Was a Woman?

After these remarks, one question that was raving in the minds of people was that is it happening just because Gadot is a female actor? Well, Gadot had the same question as she mentioned to Elle that would he (Whedon) behave in the same way if it was a male actor in her place?

To infer if this is true let’s look back, where similar happenings took place. Last year another co-star Ray fisher, well known for the character of cyborg also accused Whedon of mistreating people on sets. Hence it was not only Gadot who was facing these mistreatments but many other artists as well. Certainly, she was right while claiming that if he can mistreat her bypassing hurtful remarks then he can say it to anybody.

When Ray fisher accused Whedon of his “gross, unprofessional, abusive and unacceptable behavior” on the set of the Justice League many other stars who have worked with Whedon came forward accusing him of rude behavior.

Significantly, Buffy the vampire star, Charisma Carpenter came forward to tell the world about the reality of the mistreatments that was received from Whedon. Ray fisher got quite unlucky as he got no one in the studio to be able to listen to him. That was not an issue with Gal Gadot as she smartly stepped up for her defense.

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