Top 7 Games to Play on Apple Arcade

We all love video games, don’t we? That’s why they are always in the news. Since everyone is riding the video games roller coaster, why will Apple be left behind? After all, it’s a billion-dollar industry. To capitalize on the opportunity, Apple started a video-game subscription service called Apple Arcade in 2019. It gives unlimited access to a selected range of video games to users.

It’s a fun service that lets you play video games for $5 a month. These games are no longer available in the App Store. This service doesn’t offer top-notch games, but it’s best nonetheless. From family-friendly multiplayer games, mind-boggling puzzles and story-based adventures, you can find all sorts of fun here. If your iPhone is new, you can get a three-month free trial of Apple Arcade. The choices available are enough to confuse you, that’s why we have prepared a list of top 7 games for you.

Top 7 Games on Apple Arcade

There are many games on Apple Arcade, but we have selected the best games from various genres that are must download for all the Apple users. Make sure to read the complete list to enjoy the games. Just a note that these games are for supporting Apple devices alone.

1. Butter Royale – Number one of Apple Arcade

Butter Royale, an Apple Arcade game

If you feel that Fortnite is a bit boring and outdated on iOS, you can try Butter Royale. It’s a shooting game, where you must remain the last standing player to win. Here the experience is that of a classic arcade game. The fun is kid-friendly with ketchup and popcorn for bullets. The game is part of the Arcade, and it’s free. You don’t have to pay for stupid in-app purchases.

2. Creaks

Creaks, an Apple Arcade game

Creaks is our second choice for the list. It’s a game developed by Amanita Design, which is famous for its dark, point-and-click games. This time, the studio has tried to go out of its comfort while maintaining the game’s dark vibe and adding puzzle elements to it. The game takes place in a never-ending mansion where you have to manipulate machines and fight monsters to reach the end. The design of the game is gorgeously hand-drawn.

3. Games of Thrones: Tale of Crows

Games of Thrones: Tale of Crows, an Apple Arcade game

If you are a Game of Thrones fan, how can you miss out on this game? Games of Thrones: Tale of Crows is our third pick for this list. This game is not a fantasy or action game, and you don’t do much here actually. Here you have to set some actions and see them unfolding. You can call it a management game if you want to. It’s not an active game, but it’s soothing. In this game, you perform tasks like sending rangers out, helping surrounding kingdoms, and solve people’s problems. Just play it for a few minutes and wait for the story to unfold.

4. Grindstone

Grindstone, an Apple Arcade game

You can call Grindstone as one of the best games from the Apple Arcade. In this game, you see the fusion of fantasy action and match-three puzzle. The game receives regular updates with improved gameplay, challenges, weapons and enemies to keep you engaged.

5. Reigns: Beyond

Reign: Beyond, an Apple Arcade game

If you enjoy exploring the stories, the Reign series is what you must check out. It’s all about exploring the fantasy realm. It operates like Tinder, but instead of persons, you swipe right or left to perform actions in the story. The Reign: Beyond takes place in space, where you are a captain of a spacecraft. You have to lead your crew while taking bookings for gigs of your intergalactic band. It’s silly but funny.

6. Roundguard


If the puzzle is your thing, Roundguard is the best puzzle game for you on Apple Arcade. It takes the classic puzzle game Peggle and gives it a new spin. It’s a mixture of puzzle and fantasy action. This game combines the two elements making it positively irresistible.

7. Skate City

Skate City

The final game from this list is Skate City. Skating games have been under the spotlight since the Subway Surfers became a rage. If you haven’t played Skate City, you are missing the real deal. You get side-scrolling perspective and swipe-controls. With new tricks, challenges and cities, this game is entertaining to play

These are the seven games that are must-play for anyone using Apple Arcade or any Apple device. The games provide a change from the mainstream games that you have played too many times.

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