GameStop Xbox Series X Restock is Now Over — Where to Check for Inventory next

The restock for the Xbox Series X has created a craze among all gamers. As the GameStop Xbox Series has become very rare to be available in any of the stores. The decrease in the availability of the GameStop Xbox Series continues has become very less and this has created stress to restock the game.

But there is good news for all the gamers who are searching for the machine and are completely willing to take one. A restock for the Game Stop Xbox Series X is happening right away for you. 

As per the previous week, All the stores have sent the email to the members of PowerUp Reward Pro and had informed them that the next Xbox Series X online was planned to be restocked for that day, and the stock unfortunately is no longer available.

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The restock is done specifically by the member of PowerUp Reward Pro and as per the time one, a few Far Cry 6 stocks were available. 

Has the Xbox Series X restocked at GameStop is completely out of stock?

The Xbox Series X bundle is now available with the members of PowerUp Reward Pro which even has a console of Xbox Series X, an Electric controller, three months of Game Pass, Far Cry 6, and a  $20 GameStop online gift card. 

The Xbox Series S has been sold as a bundle at GameStop. These bundles specifically include a gift card and a  free game. However this game is recently out of stock, but the exciting news is a restock for Xbox has been planned for today. It is still not declared if the restock for Xbox Series S will also be in it

GameStop Xbox Series X Restock
GameStop Xbox Series X Restock

The restock of the GameStop Xbox Series X  was confirmed first by the site TechRadar, who were provided with a forwarded email of the restock which was given to PowerUp Reward Pro members. 

Just like always, the restock for the next generation console of GameStop, the Xbox Series X has been planned to be available in some selected bundles which are pre-built. The email sent also proved that only a few Xbox Series X Far Cry 6 Bundles have been sent to the store’s people are also expecting the bundle to have other additional items such as an extra controller or any kind of subscription to the Game Pass for Xbox. 

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And now it has been made sure that this restock of GameStop Xbox Series X restock will be specially available to the members of PowerUp Reward Pro. This was not big news at the shop keepers were offering all the people a premium membership specifically to get access to the restocks of the Xbox Series X for 3  months now.

However, it is always advisable to pay $15 and take the annual membership plan as it is a smaller price if you can get access to the entire bundle of Xbox Series X in hand.

How Can you become a member of PowerUp Rewards Pro?

GameStop has declared that they are changing their way to manage all the restock of game consoles. They even mentioned that the first importance with be given to all the members of PowerUp Rewards Pro. Even though there are freeways, only Pro members can get early access to all the restock.

The starting amount for membership begins at $14.99 annually and it also includes all the advantages of a Game subscription, along with a coupon as a reward of $5 for, 10% extra credit is given on games and accessories, and a welcome certificate of $5.

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The membership of GameStop’s PowerUp Rewards Pro has come with a lot of benefits but now has even added one more early access to the restocks. 

What should you know about GameStop restocks?

As obvious as it sounds you are required to have a GameStop account and also you have to login directly into that account during the restock. Moreover, if you face a problem while adding the game to the cart first try and refresh the page, or you can erase your browser cookies or try to open the site on the Incognito browser. People won’t be allowed to access the restock until the early access is closed. 

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