What’s the Release Date Status of Gangs of London Season 2? Release Date Status & Latest Updates

Is there going to be a second season of Gangs of London, and if so, will the core characters return, and will the story expand outside England? The answers to these questions can be found below.

In 2020, the show premiered on Sky Atlantic before moving to AMC in April 2021. Many will be intrigued about what the cliffhanger ending means for future episodes of Gangs of London, which was co-created by The Raid director Gareth Evans.

After the death of mob boss Finn Wallace (Colm Meaney), the first season of Gangs of London is about how power works in the underworld. While grieving and planning for the future, other criminal organizations are plotting their next move and attempting to manipulate existing commercial arrangements.

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Elsewhere in the family, police officer Elliot Finch (Sope Dirisu) has infiltrated the Wallace family and is keeping a watch on their associates Ed Dumani and Paapa Essiedu, both of whom are better equipped to handle the organization than Finn’s unstable son, Sean (Joe Cole).

It was revealed in the season finale that Sean plans to take on the crooked investors who ordered Finn’s death. Marian (Michelle Fairley) is the target of assassins, who seek to take control of the family’s economic dealings.

A network of unknown businessmen ensures that Elliot is still heavily entangled in the London underworld even after he tries to rescue his career (and life). Everything you need to know about the second season of Gangs of London is mentioned below.

Gangs of London Season 2 Renewal Status

The second season of Gangs of London is certainly going to happen. AMC became a co-producer and greenlit a second season after acquiring the U.S. distribution rights in June 2020. The second season of Gangs of London is expected to have ten episodes, each lasting an hour and a half.

Gangs of London season 2
Gangs of London season 2

Gangs of London Season 2 Release Date

It is expected that the second season of Gangs of London would premiere in 2022 at the latest. The inherent violence and the directors’ heavy-handed action scenes demonstrate that the crime series is not the normal mafia production. Gangs of London season 2 is probably already in the works, but AMC will probably take their time after the first season came out in April 2021.

Gangs of London Season 2 Cast

The primary cast of Gangs of London season 2 is very certainly going to remain the same. However, Evans has claimed that he wanted the audience to be confused about Sean Wallace’s fate at the end of season 1. Since Dirisu has been taken over by powerful financiers, he’ll return as Elliot the undercover cop-turned-mobster.

Fairley, who previously appeared in Game of Thrones as Marian Wallace, will also return in the role, as she revealed in the last moments of season 1 in a major bombshell.


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Gangs of London Season 2 Storyline

For twenty years or more, Finn Wallace had been London’s most powerful crime lord, and his killing marked the beginning of “Gangs of London’s” first season. The Wallace family secrets and Elliot’s attempts to hide confidential information from his new colleagues could be the subject of Gangs of London season 2.

A commercial relationship is proposed between Elliot and a mystery woman known as Ms. Kane, which leads to Sean’s death at the hands of Elliot. Later, Elliot uses his diplomatic immunity to escape from a gang of interrogators and escape to freedom. Mariana’s eyes open after she is approached by her late husband’s mistress, Floriana (Arta Dobroshi), in the final minutes of the season.

For the Wallace family to continue, Floriana may have access to a treasure that Finn stole from investors. Additionally, Elliot gets access to Finn’s SIM card, which has information on other unethical investors. In season two, Elliot will be working for both sides, but the stakes will be considerably higher.

The second season, according to some critics, is like this:-
“Since the collapse of the Wallace Dumani empire, the order is lacking, and the energy and chaos of a gold rush threaten the city with gangland anarchy. The Investors are viewing the city as a place of ruin and decide enough is enough. Licensing a new gang to restore stability, drama instead ensues. These brutal enforcers bring a new kind of authority, coldly designed to terrorize the other gangs into submission. Anyone doing business in the city must now go through them, and our gangs must decide where their loyalties lie if they are to survive.”

Gangs of London Season 2 Trailer

There’s no trailer available for season 2 as of now. However, in the meantime, if you haven’t watched the trailer for season 1, you can check it out below.

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