Is Garth Brooks’s Divorce From His Wife? Rumors Explored Here!

Worldwide country music fans were shocked to learn that Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood are reportedly divorce-talking. They’ve been married for nearly a decade, and despite having released several highly regarded albums and projects together, it looks like they’ll soon be divorcing, citing irreconcilable differences.

Many of their fans, who have been following their romance since they first met in 1987, are devastated by this news. It’s unclear why the couple split up, but their relationship and marriage changed and deteriorated over time. We’ll look into the likely split and discuss how it could impact Garth Brooks’ career in this piece.

Most of his back catalog and current singles are owned exclusively by him. Since his 2014 album Man Against Machine was issued under Sony Music’s RCA label, he can no longer claim any unreleased work as being covered by his rights.

Listening to George Strait made me think, “Oh my god, I want to do that.” Country music legend Garth Brooks has revealed the film King of Country inspired him to pursue a music career.

When did Garth Brooks Divorce From His Wife?

Both Brooks and his current wife, Trisha Yearwood, have disputed the divorce rumors that have been circulating. Although rumors suggest otherwise, Garth Brooks and their ex-wife Sandy Mahl have been legally separated since 2000.

Despite the breakup, they remain cordial and communicative. Garth and Trisha have not broken up. In 2002, a year after their divorce, the pair made their first joint public appearance at the 33rd Annual Songwriters Hall of Fame Awards Induction in New York City.

Garth Brooks Divorce

The Grammy winner and “Georgia Rain” singer were engaged three years later at Buck Owens’ Crystal Palace in Bakersfield, California. Their wedding took place in December 2005. Garth has three daughters from a previous marriage to Trisha: Taylor Brooks, August Brooks, and Allie Brooks.

The Food Network personality and Garth tied the knot in Nashville, where she promptly moved into Garth’s previous bachelor pad. While sequestered in their Music City home during the COVID-19 epidemic, Garth candidly recounted the development of his relationship with Trisha.

Garth Brooks said:

“Since you can’t go right now, we chose to utilize quarantine as a period of reflection. You can’t just walk away, so this is likely both a blessing and a curse. This is likely the most difficult time we’ve ever had as a relationship. But when you’re with the right person, what’s on the other side is so dang worth the wait.”

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