Gate Anime Season 3 Release Date Status, Cast, Plot, and Trailer

Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri, a.k.a Gate is among popular Japanese anime series based on light novels written and illustrated by Takumi Yanai, Daisuke Izuka, and Kurojishi, respectively. Light novels have been on the market since 2010. The final volume was published in 2011, but before the series came to an end, it was adapted into a manga series illustrated by Satoru Sao in July 2011. These illustrations were also serialized in 2015 as a television animation show. Two seasons of the show have already hit the mark, but even after five years, there has been no trace of Gate Anime Season 3. So let us see what we know about the series.

Gate Anime Season 3: Release Date

The first season of the show was released six years back in 2015. After it became a super hit among the fans, season 2 got renewed and premiered on television in less than six months in January 2016.

The show’s fans are still waiting for season 3 even though there has not been any official announcement by the show’s creators yet. Fans are positive about a third season happening. Guess we would see the next installment of Gate sometime in 2022. Let us wait for the official announcement before we suggest anything big.

Gate Season 3: Plot

Gate is an action and thriller-based animation show with a blend of modern and fantasy worlds. The series starts with some soldiers and monsters from a parallel world arriving in Japan and launching a full-scale invasion on earth. However, it is known that these invaders have come from an unknown portal, and Japanese forces are now trying hard to push the Invaders back to where they came from.

gate anime season 3

The show is more about a character called Youji Itamai. He is a 33 years old man and a special reconnaissance team on the other side called the special region as a part of the JSDF task force. While the JSDF task force explores the special region, Youji’s team starts to selflessly aid the locals and princess Pina Co Lada despite being under several attacks. After all this, the JSDF finally decides on a counter-attack and ends up pushing the Invaders back to their place. However, when the Invaders are eventually driven to their site, JSDF uses this opportunity to establish a forward operating base on the other side of the Gate so that they can prepare and negotiate with the invaders.

The beginning of the show was much like what Youji wanted for himself. However, things started changing and ended up discrediting crown Prince Zorzal. The prince took it as an offense and made a group against him, commanding the army of the special region to take revenge on Japan. He destroys the locals by tricking his troops to camouflage and wreck havoc on the locals to trigger them with anger so that he can declare a civil war in Japan. Even after this Japanese force did not feel daunted. And planning a rescue mission to free princess Pina Co Lada, Emperor Molt August, and anti-war senators from the Imperial capital. The never-ending problem goes on and on for the Japanese force as they still have to deal with Prince Zorzal and Gate, which is the link between the two worlds.

Gate Season 3: The Expected Plot Of 3rd installment?

Guessing with what we have discovered, Season 3 is most likely to be adopted from “Gate: Weigh Anchor Novels,” which focuses on Japan’s maritime defense forces instead of JSDF; in the show, we have already seen JMSDF going to the other side of the world to explore. However, suppose something interesting is going to happen in the later volume of the novel series. In that case, it might open a portal to Xenomorph Homeworld with creatures investigating in the special region. However, this will only happen if A-1 Pictures secures a place to use the alien franchise for Gate season 3.

Gate Season 3: Trailer

As there has been no official announcement regarding the Gate Season 3. The trailer has not been out yet. With what we expect, we are hoping to see the trailer of the show later next year as trailers are released a month before the release date of the show.

Who are the characters in GATE Season 3?

Gate is a show with multiple casts, so it is impossible to mention each name. However, some important characters are Youji Itami, Princess Pina Co Lada, Rory Mercury, Lelei La Laena, and Tuka Luna Marceau.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where can I watch Gate Season 3?

Gate Season 3 is not renewed yet.

Does Itami end up with Rory?

They had a special bond.

Who is the main villain in Gate?

There is no special villain in Gate.

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