Genshin Impact Fontaine – Release Date Status, Location & Leaks

Genshin Impact’s map is constantly expanding, and we can’t wait to check out the new area, Genshin Fontaine, that will become available in future updates. Genshin Impact’s narrative has taken players to several different locations so far, including the free city of Mondstadt, the land of contracts known as Liyue, and the city of Inazuma (Nation of Eternity).

After upgrading to version 2.6, players can now explore the bowels of the Chasm in Genshin Impact. Each new location holds the promise of a fresh adventure for our heroes, from rubbing elbows with the brainiacs of Sumeru to braving the blazing heat of Natlan in Genshin Impact.

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A plethora of new details about the Sumeru region have been leaked, but that isn’t the only map that will be included in the game at a later date. Genshin  Fontaine, one of Teyvat’s seven nations and a Genshin Impact project area, is one such promising locale. Despite the fact that scarce information exists about the Genshin Fontaine region, recent leaks have revealed some interesting details about the standard of living in the Genshin Impact Fontaine.

Genshin Impact Fontaine

The upcoming Fontaine region in Genshin is one of Teyvat’s Seven Nations, which make up the entire Teyvat universe. The people of Fontaine hold sacred the Hydro Archon, who is also known as the God of Justice in Genshin mythology.

Dainsleif of Genshin Impact claims that their God is the God of Justice who “Enjoys the drama of the courtroom and hopes to one day be the ultimate judge of all other deities. But she, too, knows better than to oppose the divine.” Yanfei, furthermore, claims that navigating Fontaine’s legal system is next to impossible. While the release of this aquatic utopia is still a ways off, we can get a good idea of what to expect from official content and Genshin Fontaine’s extensive history.

New details about Genshin Impact Fontaine have emerged, and they aren’t just in the official data.

genshin fontaine
genshin fontaine

Genshin Impact Fontaine leaks

Through Genshin World’s official Facebook page, we’ve been able to gain access to some fresh details about Genshin Impact 2.7. The leaker discussed the NPC bernart introduced in version 2.7 and shared some details about the upcoming Qiaoying and Fontaine region. The post stated:-

  • A bit of info from Qiaoying and Fontaine
  • Qiaoying is a place that serves as a connection between Liyue and Fontaine, it is northwest of Liyue. In addition, this place is considered the cradle of Tevyat Tea “The Tea Industry”.
  • Zhongli has been to this place and quite loves it, the area is made up of small streams. Earthquakes are frequent in the area for unknown reasons.
  • The NPC bernart (2.7) will give us more information about Fontaine, he left this nation because according to him Fontaine has problems caused by the energy they are currently using.

TZ, like the dependable Genshin Intel, leaked some new information about the legendary Genshin Impact Fontaine. Ubatcha posted the new leak on the WFP channel. With regards to the Genshin Impact Fontaine/Sumeru Crumbs, the leaker said:

  • Liben: By the way, have you ever been to Liyue’s Qiaoying Village?
  • MC: And where is that? OR Not yet.
  • Liben: Ah, it’s where northern Liyue intersects with Fontaine. The tea there is pretty famous, I’ll tell you what.
  • Liben: Well, I’ve been considering whether I should go to Fontaine to do business. There’s an ominous air hanging over Sumeru, I can feel it.

Genshin Impact Fontaine Release Date

In the preview of the Teyvat Chapter Storyline, Genshin’s Fontaine was listed as Chapter IV, and its Archon Quest line was given the name “Masquerade of the Guilty.” However, HoYoverse has yet to announce a release date for Genshin Fontaine, and it is a given that Fontaine will be released once we have completed Genshin Impact’s Sumeru, which is rumored to be released in Genshin Impact version 3.0, as we even have its model and localization description leaks.

When the leaks first surfaced in January of 2022, they indicated that development on HoYoverse had reached version 3.4 and was beginning work on Fontaine. As a result, version 4.0 of Genshin Impact Fontaine is expected to be released soon. HoYoverse’s Inazuma region premiered in July 2021, and according to rumors, it’ll be around until August 2022, when Sumeru is scheduled for release. If the duration of our Sumeru expedition is similar to that of Inazuma’s, we may not reach Genshin Fontaine until sometime in July or August of 2023.

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