Genshin Impact Alice: Here Is Everything You Need To Know About Her

Genshin Impact Alice, the most underrated character of the game. However, she isn’t available as a playable character in the game, but still, she is one of the most adventurers. The Genshin impact developers have portrayed her as the mother of Klee and also the author of the Travel Guides of Teyvat.

In the Hexenzirkel organisation, she is an elder and works as an alchemist. Keep scrolling and continue reading know everything about the Alice in Genshin Impact.

As per the words of the lore of Genshin Impact, in past, Alice was friends and rivals with Mona’s teacher. Mona’s teacher left her diary with Alice and set mona to retrieve it from Klee during the time period when “Beyond This World’s Stars” takes place.

Genshin Impact Alice

Genshin Impact Alice

In previous three years, Alice and another adventurer (name not revealed yet) left Klee in the hands of Knights of Favonius with whom she was able to trust completely, and they both were good acquaintances. With the passage of time and owing to some reasons, she had also communicated with Barbara with the “Idol Magazine”. She is the one who inspired her to become an “idol” to make a separate idol in every nation of Teyvat and form the “Teyvat Idols!” group. Although, her this plan wasn’t fulfilled.

Presently the Alice’s Teyvat Travel Guide series is private and have some subjective writing style. Usually, players consider it as a personal diary rather than a travel guide.

Genshin Impact Characters

  • Diluc
  • Venti
  • Qiqi
  • Razor
  • Fischl 
  • Keqing
  • Jean
  • Xiangling
  • Chongyun 
  • Traveler 
  • Xiao 
  • Barbara 
  • Ningguang 
  • Traveler 
  • Klee 
  • Bennett 
  • Mona 
  • Kaeyta 
  • Noelle 
  • Sucrose 
  • Xingqiu 
  • Beidou 
  • Lisa 
  • Amber 

Tier List of Genshin Impact

  1. S-Tier Characters in Genshin Impact
    • Diluc (Pyro, Claymore)
    • Venti (Anemo, Bow)
    • Qiqi (Ice, Sword)
    • Razor (Electro, Claymore)
    • Fischl (Electro, Bow)
    • Keqing (Electro, Sword)
  2. A-Tier Characters in Genshin Impact
    • Jean (Anemo, Sword)
    • Xiangling (Pryo, Polearm)
    • Chongyun (Ice, Claymore)
    • Traveller (Anemo, Sword)
    • Xiao (Anemo, Polearm)
  3. B-Tier Characters IN Genshin Impact
    • Mona (Water, Catalyst)
    • Barbara (Water, Catalyst)
    • Ningguang (Geo, Catalyst)
    • Traveller (Geo, Sword)
    • Klee (Pyro, Catalyst)
    • Bennett (Pyro, Sword)
  4. C-Tier Characters in Genshin Impact
    • Lisa (Electro, Catalyst)
    • Kaeyta (Ice, Sword)
    • Noelle (Geo, Claymore)
    • Sucrose (Anemo, Catalyst)
    • Xingqiu (Water, Sword)
    • Beidou (Electro, Claymore)
  5. D-Tier Character in Genshin Impact
    • Amber (Pyro, Bow)
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