Genshin Impact Bounty Locations: Learn the Ways to Find Bounties

After the recent update, which added a slew of content to the game along with a few new characters, weapons, quests, events, bounties to the open-world RPG game Genshin Impact. Owing to this recent 1.1 version update, now the players can earn reputation points by following a whole new straightforward method. After completing bounty targets, the player’s reputation in a specific city will be increased as per the target. Later, these reputation points can be beneficial to unlock new things. Such as quality-of-life items, requests, and other rewards such as crafting blueprints, name cards, and new features within cities. However, what is the exact Genshin Impact Bounty Locations and how to complete all of them with ease?

Genshin Impact Bounties: How it works?

First of all, you need to know the basics to reveal the Genshin Impact Bounty Locations and complete them. Each week you’ll be able to complete three bounties. Before starting the bounties, bear in mind that you’ve made it to Adventure Rank 25.

If you are below the adventure rank 25, then you won’t be able to start the Reputation system feature in Genshin Impact. Upon completing the basic requirements, you need to complete the starter quests (the Mondstadt quest, The Outlander Who Caught the Wind, and the Liyue quest, Farewell, Archaic Lord) in both Mondstadt and Liyue before selecting the next task.

After completing the first quest, you need to detect the person who gives you bounties. Once you discover him, talk to Hertha in the Knights of Favonius (to the north-east of Mondstadt), or Ms Yu (the secretary at Liyu’s Ministry of Civil Affairs). By talking to either of these NPCs, you’ll get three possible bounties to increase your reputation level in any city.

Depending on the difficulty, these challenges can range from three stars to five.

How to Get Genshin Impact Bounty Locations?

When you complete the prerequisites, you’ll get new world quests, and this quest will lead you to bulletin boards in both Liyue and Mondstatdt. Now you need to notice the foe in the region where you accept it. In the game, there is three types of bounty: 60, 80, and 100. Each of the numbers tells you how much reputation you’ll receive after completing the bounty. The more Reputation up for grabs

Quick Note:- In the game, every region has a specific scoring system. For instance, if you pick up a task in Mondstadt, then the points will count and apply to Mondstadt.

Upon reaching to the bulletin board and picking up your first bounty from Hertha or Ms Yu. The map will be updated with a search area (a coloured circle for you to head out to). To complete the task, every player will get ten minutes. Hence it is advised that you should teleport to the nearest marker.

Upon reaching the Genshin impact bounty locations may not immediately be apparent. Therefore, you will need to uncover the tracks.

Tip:- To spot the exact location of the bounty, use Elemental Sight (middle mouse button or L1+left on the d-pad for PS4) to scan the area for all the blue trials. A successful trial track will lead you to one of three things: an enemy, an item, or a resource.

Now pick up the items or resources and kill the enemy, as you progress in the given task, it will count as you finding a track. Just now, you need to locate another two by following the same procedure (spam Elemental Sight, follow the wispy trails, pick up or kill whatever it leads to) and you’ll reach to the actual Genshin Impact bounty locations.

Types of Bounty in Genshin Impact

There are numerous ways to know that you’ve found the final bounty target, as the targets will have a recognisable symbol over them. And they’ll fall under one of the following bounty types:

  • Blazing Axe Mitachurl (60 City Reputation, 20,000 Mora).
  • Wooden Shield Mitachurl (80 City Reputation, 20,000 Mora).
  • Eye of the Storm (60 City Reputation, 20,000 Mora).
  • Pyro Abys Mage (80 City Reputation, 25,000 Mora).
  • Ruin Guard (100 City Reputation, 30,000 Mora).
  • Ruin Hunter (100 City Reputation, 30,000 Mora).

When you finish the target, make it sure that you always return to the Hertha for Mondstadt or Ms Yu for Liyue. It is advised because you won’t get the bonus and bask in the extra city reputation points unless you head back to them.

Bounties and Their Locations Is Not Spawning In Genshin Impact, What to Do?

Most of the times, the bounties and their locations don’t spawn in the game because you haven’t found the three tracks. In several circumstances reaching to the yellow circle isn’t sufficient. Thus, to make the bounties spawn and appear in the game, you must locate the three tracks within ten minutes.

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