Genshin Impact Meteorite Shards Locations

In the exclusive new event called Unreconciled Stars, mysterious meteors have fallen around Teyvat and caused the people there to be entrapped in never-ending dreams. It is now up to you to investigate the situation at hand and find the Genshin Impact Meteorite Shards Locations. So, are you struggling to complete this otherworldly mystery and find the Genshin Impact Meteorite Shards Locations? Fortunately, our Genshin Impact Meteorite Shards Locations guide contains all the information that you need to complete the quests and progress in the game. 



Before you head out to hunt these meteorite remnants, you will need to reach at least Adventure Rank 20. Additionally, you also need to finish the Unknown Star Quest by talking to Katherine in Mondstadt. Upon finishing this questline, you will get various useful resources like primogems, mora and more.

Genshin Impact Meteorite Shards Locations

To start your hunt for the shards, click on the compass to open the menu and see the quests. There will be a total of 3 different places where you can find the shards. In these places, there are 6 specific locations where you will be able to find them (most are in Liyue). Carry on reading to find out about these locations. 

Mentioned below are the Genshin Impact Meteorite Shards Locations where you can find the Meteorite Shards. 

Genshin Impact Meteorite Shards Locations

1) Qingce Village & Wuwang Hill meteorite locations

There are no meteorites directly inside of Qingce Village. They are scattered around the farms in its outskirts. Make sure to search the area that goes through Stone Gate to Qingce and the Wuwang Hill that lies close to it.

2) Guyun Stone Forest meteorite locations

All seven islands making up Guyun Stone Forest have at least one shard in them so don’t skip through any of them. 

3) Starfell Valley meteorite locations

The shards are present near the Temple of a Thousand Winds, Whispering Forest and the tiny island near the easy Starsnatch Cliff’s coast.

Genshin Impact Meteorite Shards Locations

4) Dadaupa Gorge meteorite locations

There are several shards present near the Starlit Cape and the Dadaupa Gorge cliffs. 

5) Yaoguang Algol meteorite locations

The Yaoguang Algol consists of small islands located south of Mingyun town. There are also a few shards on the Guili Plains beaches so don’t forget to look there.

Genshin Impact Meteorite Shards Locations

6) Qingyun Peak meteorite locations

Huaguang Stone Forest, Mt. Hulao, Qingyun Peak and Mt. Aozang are the four places where you can find the remaining meteorite remnants. Travelling in these areas is quite dangerous due to their treacherous terrain, so make sure to be extra careful.

In each location, you need to collect at least 7 shards. However, there are a total of 20 shards in each area, but they do disappear if you stray too far from it so make sure to thoroughly search it and find all the shards there before moving ahead. 

The shards appear as light blue hues on the mini-map and act as trackers that let you know exactly where to find them. However, you can’t view these trackers on the main map by zooming out so you can’t look at all of them together. Most people tend to skip the cliff sides because travelling to them is difficult, but they have a lot of shards, so make sure not to skip them.

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