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Girl From Nowhere is a Thai-Television Series and it is inspired by 13 true real-life incidents in which the schoolgirls are victims and decides to fight back to get over as a victim and reveal the real faces. The anthology series was firstly premiered in 2018 and is among one of the best thrillers which openly portray the deception of this world.

The first season of the series premiered on 8th August 2018 on GMM 25, the series was critically acclaimed. The makers also announced the second season of “Girl From Nowhere” and are all set to release on Netflix Originals. We have got all the latest updates about the upcoming season of the series, read below and catch all the details now

“Girl From Nowhere Season 2”: Release Date? When can we watch them and Where? Check out below!

Girl From Nowhere Season 2” will be released on Netflix Originals on 7th May 2021. The Thai Thriller series is all set to release worldwide on Netflix so that everyone can enjoy the mysterious drama. 

Girl From Nowhere Season 2: Cast

Behind the Scenes Picture of Set: Credit Netflix Philippines Instagram

Everyone out there who has loved and appraised the character of “Nanno” portrayed by “Chicha Amatayakul” is changed or not? So here is the good news for all the fans that Chicha Amatayakul is returning in her role of a mysterious girl who continuously changes different schools to harm the ruffian. She makes such a plan that she would be able to trap and punish them for their evil behavior.  

There will be other stars also who will be making an appearance as guests. Please read the full names below:

  1. Teeradon Supapunpinyo
  2. Patricia Good
  3. Chanya McClory
  4. Penpal Sirikul
  5. Bhumibhat Thavornsiri
  6. Pataravarian Timkul
  7. Chutima Teenpanart 
  8. Pantera Pipityakorn
  9. Ploy Sornarin
  10. Yarinda Bunaag

Its filming had started in 2020 in Bangkok, Thailand.

Girl From Nowhere Season 2: Plot- What will happen next? Well the second season is supposed to be more violent, read below to know more

Since the first season was so full of violence, games, tricks, mystery, before getting into the second season, let’s take a leap and recall the first season. The First Season starts with the “ugly truth” where it reflects the child abusers in a school and also relates to the abortion of the child. This episode exposes the cruelty because of which an innocent girl dies without any fault. Nanno makes a plan and successfully executes the same due to which the culprit gets caught and eventually the first episode ends with a positive consequence.

 The second season, as we can depict from the trailer, is much more violent than the first one. Nanno is back with other dirty plans and games. Further, we are not able to make any possibility before the release of the second season as this is an anthology series.

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Girl From Nowhere Season 2| Trailer

The Official Teaser of “Girl From Nowhere Season 2” was released on April 19, 2021, on the youtube channel of  Netflix Philippines. Further, An introduction of “Nanno” was also released by Netflix On April 29th, 2021. Click on the above link to watch the Trailer of the most awaited thriller drama.

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