Girls5eva Season 2 Release Date Status, Cast, Trailer And How Can We Watch

They’re back! Girls5eva’s ladies are back! Well, let’s face it, one season is simply too short for a show featuring Sara Bareilles, Renée Goldsberry, Busy Philipps, and Paula Pell.

NBCUniversal Television and Streaming President, Lisa Katz, revealed in a press release that Girls5eva had been renewed for a third season. Immediately after the premiere of this series, there was an immediate fandom.

This heartfelt comeback story is infused with catchy songs and humor and presented by a cast that’s incredibly diverse and talented. This group has a bright future ahead of them, and we can’t wait to see where they go.”

Philipps recently told that the upcoming season will feature “more songs and more hijinks.”


Girls5eva Season 2 Release Date

The show’s second season will not be a four-year wait for fans. As the number five has “always been” their favorite, the premiere of Season 2 will take place on Thursday, May 5.

Girls5eva Season 2
Girls5eva Season 2

The Season 2 Episodes of Girls5eva Will Be Released Sequentially or All at Once?

The show will make its comeback on May 5 with three new episodes, followed by weekly installments on Thursdays beginning in June.

Where Can We Watch Girls5eva?

Exclusive to Peacock, the comedy is written and directed by Meredith Scardino. All eight episodes of Season 1 are currently available to stream on the streaming service till the next season premieres.

Girls5eva Season 2 Cast

Bareilles plays Dawn, Goldsberry portrays Wickie, Philipps portrays Summer, and Pell portrays Gloria in this show. Other cast members for Season 2 have yet to be announced, but previous cast members include Tina Fey as Dolly Parton, Emily in Paris’ Ashley Park as Ashley, Andrew Rannells as Kev Hamlin, Vanessa Williams as Nance Trace, Jonathan Hadary as Larry Plumb, Daniel Breaker as Dawn’s husband Scott, Dean Winters as Nick, and Bowen Yang of Saturday Night Live fame as Zander in the first season.

Fans may expect to see some new faces in the future, thanks to Philipps’ commitment to bringing in more guests.

He said, “There are some incredible guest stars already just in the first three episodes. I’ve heard some names of some people who are gonna be coming up, guest-starring and it’s pretty exciting.”

Girls5eva Season 2 Trailer

A First look was shown at SXSW in 2022, but no official trailer has been released. Just as Gloria and the rest of the Girls5eva members learn that the PR team wants to “start the promo train now,” Gloria is told that she needs a knee replacement and that the world will be hungry for their record.

Gloria said, “They’re not gonna want me to promote their label post-op from a Hannibal Lecter board!”

Girls5eva Season 2 Storyline

The Peacock original series is about a 1990s one-hit-wonder female trio that reunites to give their pop star ambitions another chance. Goldsberry’s character said, “It’s not just a concert, It is a coronation. It is how we will know that we have truly arrived.”

What Can We Expect From Girls5eva’s Second Season?

“The ladies, when we left them, they like had stormed the stage at Jingle Ball, so there’s definitely, like, more songs and more hijinks,” Philipps said in a November 2021 interview. Girls5eva’s female members should expect new outfits in the near future as well.

“I have to say that this year’s outfits and costumes for the girls are simply stunning As like there’s something out of the ordinary going on,” Philipps said.

Dawn, Wickie, Gloria, and Summer will “enter ‘Album Mode,'” as showrunner and executive producer Scardino teased, as they prepare to record “their first studio album on their own terms” in the upcoming season.

“They say they want to be famous and all that s**t, but it’s not really about fame. It’s about fulfillment and trying to build something together and the way they’re kind of activating each other’s lives. They were all, in their own way, kind of frozen in amber after the band went away and they all had to pick up the pieces of their lives.”

“I just like underdogs, so I didn’t want them to become hugely famous. I also didn’t think that was realistic, that they would become hugely famous, these four women without a lot of representation and a lot of resources. So in Season 2, I would like to retain some of that scrappy ‘us trying to go up against this big, giant machine as underdogs’ energy,” the creator of the show explained.

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