Is Golden Kamuy Season 4 Officially Renewed or Canceled? All Latest Updates

Welcome back Fam! Today we are here discussing this amazing Manga series which is finally coming to an end and all the fans are awaiting a new season of the series.  Yes, we are talking about Golden Kamuy as the third season of this Manga series came to an end. All the fans are looking awaiting to the fourth season which is all set to be released in October all around the world along with the new animation studio.

This upcoming season is going to have the Universities and a lot of interviews even an anime convention which is going to be held in Japan and it is one of the most exciting parts of the anime industry. In the month of March, all the fans of Golden Kamuy are very excited to get all the information regarding the fourth season during an AnimeJapan event.

However, with the original series coming to an end today with its final chapter which is chapter 314 being released all the fans have been very upset about it. With that, they are looking forward to where this Manga is headed for the fourth season of Golden Kamuy.

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It was announced on 5th December 2021, that the anime adaptation of Golden Kamuy would be renewed for a fourth season on television. Along with the announcement of the production of the series the Universal Anime YouTube channel of NBC released the first teaser trailer, which you can check on their channel.

The most intriguing part of the renewal for this show was the announcement that the series will be produced by a new studio for season 4. The production will be taken over by Brain’s Base from Geno Studio, along with Shizutaka Sugahara taking over as chief director in place of Hitoshi Noboru. In/Spectre (2020), This new studio had even worked on the adaptation of My Teen School Babysitters, Romantic Comedy SNAFU,  Duel Masters, In/Spectre, and To Your Eternity.


Golden Kamuy is one of the most constant, yet underrated, series in recent years. As of now, the series has a 4.7/5 on Crunchyroll Reviews, and an 8/10 IMDB rating with 7.8/ 10, 8.23/10, and 8.45/10 ratings on MyAnimeList for 3 seasons respectively. Then there’s the possibility that there are enough original sources from the manga of Golden Kamuy to adapt for one more anime season.

As of now,  the manga has been published in 29 volumes, with a total of 314 chapters. However, Monsters & Critics claim that the third season ended around chapter 200, which was included in the main series’ volume 20. This even means that complete access to 9 seasons has been given to  Brain’s Base. which has already been published for future Golden Kamuy content. When will the anime’s next Television broadcast be, as now we are sure that Golden Kamuy has been renewed for season 4?


The 4th season of Golden Kamuy is going to be premiered in October 2022, as per the announcement made at the AnimeJapan 2022 event. A  new teaser was also shared online as part of the special panel. Episode 1 of the 4th season of Golden Kamuy will unfortunately not be released on a particular date. However,  Fans are expecting the anime to return on Monday, 3rd October, or Monday, 10th  October, assuming the series continues to maintain its regular timeslot in Japan.

Looking at Crunchyroll’s recent merger collaboration with Funimation, the anime is expected to be back to simulcasting. We will update the article for you once we receive any updates from the makers for the 4th season of Golden Kamuy.


Unfortunately, this anime’s next season is the next part of the new content of Golden Kamuy that has been awaited by the fans. As the original manga of Satoru Noda has come to an end, with the release of chapter 314 on 28th April, which marked the end of the story. Along with that, till now 25 of the 29 volumes have been translated into English.

Fans can purchase manga from Amazon,  Waterstones, Book Depository, and Bookshop, as well as on Google Play, iBooks, Viz and Kindle, and Barnes in digital format. Do let us know about your favorite thing in this Manga series and stay tuned with us only on for all such amazing updates about your favorite shows and characters.

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