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Gotham Season 6 Release Date Status Canceled or Renewed By FOX?

Gotham Season 6 is something that has hooked everyone to social media. Fans of Gotham Season 6 are eagerly anticipating its release. Below we have mentioned everything we know so far about Gotham Season 6.

Fox’s ‘Gotham’ is an American crime drama television series. On the 22nd of September, 2014, the show made its debut. The show is being produced by Primrose Hill Productions, DC Entertainment, and Warner Bros.  Danny Cannon, Bruno Heller, John Stephens, Ben Edlund, and Ken Woodruff serve as executive producers along with Scott White and Rebecca Perry Cutter. The characters are based on DC Comics’ Batman, and the series was created by Bruno Heller.

Both Bruce Wayne’s journey to becoming Batman and Jim Gordon’s role in the Gotham City Police Department is the focus of the show. In general, ‘Gotham’ has been well-received by critics and fans alike, who liked the show’s innovative approach to exploring the Batman universe without focusing on superheroes or abilities.

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Gotham Season 6 Cast

Ben McKenzie plays James Gordon in the core cast of Gotham. While Bruce Wayne is the show’s protagonist, Gordon’s climb through the ranks of the GCPD and introduction to most of Batman’s rogues’ gallery takes up a significant amount of screen time. Donal Logue portrays Harvey Bullock, Gordon’s morally ambiguous partner. Bruce Wayne, played by David Mazouz, is a character that doesn’t need much of an introduction.

To watch Bruce’s early life and how it influenced him for the future we all know he will have is fascinating. His butler Alfred Pennyworth, played by Sean Pertwee, is a completely different character than the one from the movies or comics. Here, Alfred’s military background is clearly evident, making him appear younger and more feisty. Lucius Fox is played by Chris Chalk. With Robin Lord Taylor as The Penguin, Camren Bicondova as Selina Kyle who becomes Catwoman, Cory Michael Smith as Edward Nygma, and Nicholas D’Agosto as Harvey Dent, the rogue’s gallery is full of notable personalities. Since the Batman universe is broad, ‘Gotham’ has not held back on introducing additional characters.

Gotham season 6

Gotham Season 6 Plot

‘Gotham’ has a straightforward premise: Gordon joins the police department and is assigned to the seasoned officer Bullock. The murder of Bruce Wayne’s parents, Thomas and Martha Wayne is the case they stumble upon. Bruce Wayne’s life was forever changed by this tragedy, and the orphaned billionaire went on to become the caped crusader of Gotham, better known as Batman when his father was killed. The show, on the other hand, takes place in a historical period that was left out of the comics. As a result, we get a glimpse of Bruce’s childhood, and we’re introduced to the instant sense of loss that he has to deal with. Not a hero, but rather an orphan afraid and lonely despite his fortune, is what we are looking at here. Bruce develops a connection with Selina and Gordon thanks to the backing of Alfred and Lucius, who begin to act as father figures.

To make matters worse, Gotham is teeming with bizarre criminals, some of whom will go on to become some of Batman’s most memorable foes. The Riddler, Harvey Dent or Two-Face, the Penguin, Solomon Grundy, Catwoman, Poison Ivy, and the Mad Hatter all have backstories. Hugo Strange is introduced to us in Arkham Asylum, which is enough to terrify Batman fans. Further hints are dropped on how the serum that gives Bane his power was created in the early episodes of the series. Gotham brilliantly lays out the entire criminal empire, revealing how broad and under-equipped GCPD are to deal with such criminals with the introduction of societies like Court of Owls.

The show’s most notable feature is the vivid environment it builds, punctuated by some of its most moving dramatic sequences. It’s been a rough few years for Batman on television, aside from the famous animated series. Heller’s unconventional approach to the play makes a difference. Despite the fact that the series is set in a superhero universe, it avoids the overdone superhero cliches and instead focuses on the brutal realism of the criminal underbelly. It’s the only difference here that we know how deadly the villains are going to be, as well as most of the character’s destinies. With Cameron Monaghan’s Joker, DC Comics has finally given a backstory for a character that has long been the subject of DC Comics stories.

Finally, in the conclusion, we witness Bruce fully embrace the life of a crimefighter and become the Batman, the vengeance, the night, and the darkness.

Gotham Season 6 Release Date

Season 5 of ‘Gotham’ premiered on January 3, 2019.  Last year, Variety reported that Fox had made an announcement that ‘Gotham’ Season 5 would be the last. But there’s no reason why it couldn’t be picked up by another channel or platform as Netflix did with Fox’s “Lucifer.” The sixth season of “Gotham” does not look to be imminent, so fans will have to wait for the time being.

As an alternative, if you want to see more of the origins of the Batman universe outside of ‘Gotham,’ we suggest you check out ‘Pennyworth,’ a show that follows Alfred Pennyworth during his time in the army and his time working for Thomas Wayne. The show aired on Epix in June 2019.


The trailer for Gotham Season 6 has not yet been released, so if you haven’t watched the trailer for season 5, you can check it out below.

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