Why ‘Gotham’ Season 6 Is Canceled?

To be honest, there must be an explanation for why a well-known show like “Gotham” can’t have season 6. Why was Season 5 of ‘Gotham’ the final chapter in the saga? Let’s see.

Here’s why we won’t be able to see the sixth season of Gotham on Netflix. After debuting in the fall of 2014, ‘Gotham’ became one of FOX’s most-watched dramas. ‘Gotham’s’ final character, Jim Gordon, was given a mustache by the Fox series. However, despite the finale’s storyline, there won’t be the sixth season.

‘Gotham’ still has a devoted following. Many were pleased that FOX decided to give the series a meaningful final season instead of simply canceling it on a cliffhanger as they have done with many other shows, while others are wondering why they won’t be able to see season 6. If you’re curious as to why keep reading.

Decrease in Viewership of ‘Gotham’

The fifth and final season of ‘Gotham’ was announced in May 2018 after the show’s formal renewal was announced. Unfortunately, the series was only able to air 12 episodes this season, far fewer than the 22 ordered in prior seasons.

In season 4, Selina Kyle was shot in the stomach, Ed Nygma and Lee Thompkins were stabbed, and ‘Gotham’ was about to become an unruly wasteland. If you’re a fan of the show, you’d agree that 12 episodes would be nicer than ending after season 4.

Gotham Season 6
Gotham Season 6

Is There Going to Be a Season 6 of ‘Gotham’?

Everything will come to an end unless a miracle occurs. Gotham will not be renewed for a sixth season on Netflix. Season 5 of ‘Gotham’ allowed viewers to observe Jim Gordon’s transformation into the mustached lawman seen in many DC comics.

‘Gotham’ was doomed to rely on Bruce Wayne’s heroic defender, Batman, once Bruce Wayne finally became Batman. If Netflix airs Gotham season 6, there is nothing left to cover.

For the sake of the show’s fans, season 5 ended with a sight of Gotham after a long time jump that completed the show’s origin goals. Season 6 of ‘Gotham’ is out of the question due to the finale’s lack of potential for storytelling.

When asked about a possible sixth season of Gotham, Donal Logue, the show’s lead actor, hinted that he and the rest of the cast could be open to the idea. However, it’s difficult to understand how that can be done in a way that makes sense, especially considering Warner Bros. Studio mandates- ‘Gotham’ was not allowed to actually use the names, Batman or Joker.


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Is ‘Gotham’ Jim Gordon’s Story?

Once it became evident that ‘Gotham’ Season 5 would conclude with a fully-formed Batman, many fans found themselves hoping for a Netflix ‘Gotham’ Season 6 to focus on Batman’s adventures bringing down bad guys. “Gotham” never intended to be a Batman-centric television series because everyone knows the story.

First and foremost, Jim Gordon’s journey is documented in Gotham, and while Batman’s trip may be just beginning, Gordon’s story has already been narrated. The problem is that Jim Gordon’s tale is over. They don’t have to deal with the backstory of Batman.

Is Season 6 of ‘Gotham’ in the Making?

Season 6 of ‘Gotham’ is unlikely to be restored on Netflix following its cancellation, despite the fact that many shows have ended just to be revived in the past. For the sake of ending the series, the producers of ‘Gotham’ created Season 5.

In addition, there is no likelihood of a ‘Gotham’ Season 6. There’s no word on any sort of follow-up or spin-off. Season 5  is the final season of ‘Gotham’.

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