Grand Blue Season 2 Release Date Status: Renewed or Canceled?

Welcome back Fam! Today we are here, especially for Manga fans. If you are also a fan of manga and Japanese anime then you will completely love what we are going to discuss in this article.  This series most popular series of today’s time and is definitely worth the watch. As a lot of you must be knowing this show this show is named Grand blue.

This show has been written by Kenji Inoue. iKimitake Yoshioka has illustrated the show. This series is also one of those shows which have been a part of Kodansha’s manga magazine what else would you need if you want to watch this show. This series has started from April 2014 till September 2021. This Manga series has a total of 17 tankōbon volumes of its own.

This Manga series has also developed digital production and has been released in English. This series has been premiered in Kodansha USA under the direct press of Kodansha comics.

Grand Blue Season 2 Release Date

This Manga series was initially adapted as animated television series. After that similar success, the show was further adapted from Zero-G which was premiered in 2018 starting from July to September.  The show was a part of the Animism program on MBS. The movie adaptation of this show was made in August 2020. As of now the second season of Grand blue has not been confirmed by the makers but we are expecting it to be released very soon.

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Grand Blue Season 2 Plot 

The basic storyline of this show completely revolves around the main character called Lori Kitahara.  This character would be very much lean toward the life that he holds in the future and must be very curious to know everything about all the events going to happen in his life. He always wondered what would his life be like and what is coming on the Izu Peninsula as he would be starting his college life over there.

He must be staying in a room that was just above the diving shop his uncle and it was named Grand Blue. Further in this story, we will see that he must be really shocked to come across a group of men who would be just buff men literally doing nothing and wasting their time drinking playing, and partying. Instead of diving, they used to just sit and hold back and waste time doing all the unnecessary stuff. 

Lori never wanted to be a part of groups as such. He never liked the entire group and the way they were wasting their time. He tried a lot to distance himself from this group however unintentionally gets involved in the group and wastes time with them. On the other hand, Lori’s cousin tried a lot to open his eyes and made him understand how it is to dive into the sea and go into the depth of the Ocean.

Grand Blue Season 2
Grand Blue Season 2

Grand Blue Season 2 Cast 

As far as we know the main character of the story is Lori Kithara. He would be voiced by Yūma Uchida. This character is shown as a student pursuing mechanical engineering at University located in the Izu Peninsula.  He would be seen to fall into a trap of buff men and the entire group who tries to make him just as they are and separates him from the other groups. 

Other than him there is also one character known as Chisa Kotegawa who must be voiced by Chika Anzai. He is also seen in the show as a classmate of Loris who would be studying with him at the same University.  She must be very attractive and must have a deep fashion in diving. 

Other characters in the show include Nanaka Koregawa who would be voiced by Maaya Uchida, she would be a driving instructor and must be a very keen observer of the entire diving club.  There is also one character known as  Kōhei Imamura. This character would be Lori’s best friend and they will always be in a bittersweet relationship in the entire series.

So do not forget to watch this show if you haven’t yet and let us know your views about the same in the comments below. Until any further news stay connected with us for all such updates about your favorite shows. 

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