A Clinic in Grand Rapids Will Help Drivers Renew Their Licenses

If your driver’s license has been suspended in Michigan, you should attend the “Road to Restoration” clinic. Wednesday, March 22, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., LifeQuest Urban Outreach, 1050 Fisk Road SE, Grand Rapids, will host the clinic. There will be a time window from noon to 4 p.m. for walk-ins.

Although there is no charge for the clinic’s services, locals may be compelled to pay past-due fines or fees before their licenses are reinstated. License reinstatement is not sure, and the clinic does not offer expungement services for DUIs or OWIs.

A Clinic in Grand Rapids Will Help Drivers Renew Their Licenses

The State of Michigan, the Attorney General’s office, LifeQuest Urban Outreach, the Heart of West Michigan United Way, Michigan 2-1-1, the 61st and 63rd District Courts, and the 17th Circuit Court are sponsoring the clinic.

Many drivers will still need to take additional steps to get their licenses back after new state rules were adopted in 2021 to end license suspensions for those who hadn’t paid specific citations or fees. Helping drivers regain their rights is a primary mission of the Road to Restoration clinics.

Drivers Can Acquire the Necessary Knowledge and Confidence

Drivers in the Grand Rapids area looking to return to the road will find a unique opportunity to restore their licenses this Wednesday. The Grand Rapids Drivers License Restoration Clinic will be held at the Grand Rapids Community College from 47 p.m., Organized by the Grand Rapids Police Department.

The clinic is part of an ongoing effort to help local drivers who have had their licenses suspended or revoked for various reasons. The clinic is open to anyone eligible to have their license reinstated, regardless of the reason for the suspension. At the clinic, attendees will receive assistance filling out the necessary paperwork and legal advice on the best course of action.

Additionally, those attending will have the chance to speak with a representative from the Secretary of State‘s office, who can answer any questions about the process. The clinic is free and open to the public. While no registration is required, those interested must attend at least 15 minutes before the clinic begins.

The Grand Rapids Drivers License Restoration Clinic is an excellent opportunity for drivers in the area who are looking to get back on the road. With assistance and guidance, drivers can gain the knowledge and confidence needed.

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