Gravity Falls Season 3 Release Date Status: Is This Series Coming in 2022?

Gravity Falls Season 3 is probably one of Disney Channel’s most popular animated series. After premiering in June of 2012 on Disney, the mystery-comedy ran for two seasons until February of 2016 before being canceled.

The animated series was also commended for its script, characters, comedy, and appeal to a wide range of demographics.

Two Emmys, three Annies, and the BAFTA Children’s Award have all been bestowed upon it. In addition, Gravity Falls was Disney XD’s most popular show in 2015 and early 2016. Is Alex Hirsh set to return for Gravity Falls Season 3 if it’s confirmed? You’ll find out if you carry on reading!

The story of Dipper Pines and his identical twin sister Mabel lies at the heart of the film Gravity Falls. They are taken to Gravity Falls, Oregon, to spend the summer with their great-uncle Stan.

The town is rife with unexplained phenomena and mysterious beings. As a result, the kids assist their uncle Stan in running a tourist trap called “The Mysterious Shack” while also looking into local occurrences that are mysterious.

Gravity Falls Season 3

Is There Going to Be the Third Season of Gravity Falls?

Unfortunately, Alex Hirsch, the show’s creator, has no intentions for a third season of the show. It was revealed in November 2015 that the second season of the animated series will be the last. It was also stated that Disney has not pulled the plug on the show. It simply ended, and he made the final call.

With an hour-long conclusion titled “Wierdmageddon 3: Take back The Falls,” the critically praised show came to an end in February 2016. It was also stated by Hirsh that the veteran series would continue with further episodes and specials in the future.

Hirsch also announced the publication of a graphic novel titled “Gravity Falls: Lost Legends” in 2018.  The comic book was released in July 2018 and continues the show’s storyline. A Gravity Falls-inspired show called “Amphibian” aired on Disney Channel as well. Matt Braly wrote, plotted, and directed it.

For an episode of The Simpsons called “Bart’s in Jail”, Gravity Fall antagonist Bill Cipher was also revived by Hirsh. Consequently, fans should expect to witness a large number of such episodes and character revivals soon.

What Happened at the End of Season 2?

Wierdmageddon” was the title of Gravity Falls Season 2’s final episode. Ford, Stans’ brother, learned about Bill Cipher’s intention to take over the town.

As a result, Stan, the kids, a slew of Mystery Shack residents, and an assortment of enigmatic creatures banded together to take on Bill. A final battle with Bill culminated in the Pines family’s ultimate demise and enormous sacrifice.

Who All Are the Main Characters of Gravity Falls?

As a twelve-year-old youngster, Jason Ritter played Dipper Pines in the series. Mabel Pines was voiced by Kristen Schaal, and Stanley Pines, Soos Ramirez, and Bill Cipher were all performed by Alex Hirsch. Linda Cardellini portrayed Wendy Corduroy, while JK Simmons played Stanford Pines.

Will Gray Falls Be Back for a Third Season if the Show Is Renewed?

Sadly, Gravity Falls’ Final Chapter was released in 2016. There are no plans for another season from Alex Hirsch, the series’ creator. As a result, there will be no Season 3 of Gravity Falls. The animated series, on the other hand, will continue to inspire some special episodes.

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