Green Bay Packers Elgton Jenkins’ Performance Leads to Selection in Pro Bowl

It’s good news for the Green Bay Packers that their football guard Elgton Jenkins is being noticed by the NFL for his excellent performance and versatility this season. Green Bay Packers General Manager Brian Gutenkunst decided to break this good news to him early in the morning. He informed Jenkins that he had been chosen for the Pro Bowl. 

Jenkins said, “I was shocked for a minute upon receiving the information.” Brian Gutenkunst informed him that he’d made it to the Pro Bowl. Those who watch football know that Elgton Jenkins is a real gem of a player. It’s not a surprise that he made it to the NFL. It’s his second year as a guard, and he’s proven his value with excellent performance. 

He’s one of the third-highest scorers in the NFL. His offensive line was the reason behind the only 19 sacks of Aaron Rodgers, a quarterback in this season.  Jenkins is the strong adhesive that has managed to hold the team together during the increasing number of injuries. Jenkins had worked to become the first player to guard, tackle and centre in the game since 1970 when the AFL and NFL merged. 

Great Feat for Green Bay Packers

It’s not that common for a young offensive player to get so much attention after getting selected for the Pro Bowl. After 68 years, a Packers offensive lineman has made it to the Pro Bowl within a couple of first seasons. David Bakhtiari, All-Pro left tackle from Packers, has praised Elgton upon his selection. David was selected as one of the two starting tackles in the Pro Bowl. 

Bakhtiari and Jenkins share a brotherly relationship going strong since Jenkins was picked up from Mississippi State’s 2019 draft. 

Jenkins served his purpose by starting at the centre during his final couple of seasons in Starkville. He filled the vacancy at left guard with players like Bakhtiari and Corey Linsley. Jenkins’ versatility was enough for him to fill the gap left by veterans. He used his skills to thrive in the seasons and earned PFWA All-Rookie Team by playing 16 games. 

During Minnesota, Billy Turner and Rick Wagner suffered from injuries, which prompted Jenkins to make a spot start at right tackle. However, he was listed as a left guard. 

He was earlier a left guard but later turned to left tackle in the half of the Packers’ Week 9 match with San Francisco. 

In Week 13, when playing against Philadelphia, Linsley suffered a knee injury. This was time for Jenkins to play centre. Recently, Linsley has recovered from his injury. That means Jenkins will be back to his position after the match against the Tennessee Titans. Nathaniel Hackett, an American Coach, praised Jenkins for effectively handling the switching of roles. He thinks that Jenkins is an intelligent player. It’s not going to be a big deal for him.  

Packers Player Jenkins is Brilliant

Jenkins has shown his versatility from time to time. It’s his calling card since he was playing at Clarksdale High School. He also played a short role of defensive lineman at the University of Alabama-Birmingham later switched to the offensive side. 

Jenkins showed his interest in playing quarterback in the future. He knows defence, so he can use his arm to sling the ball around to break some records. 

It might be a surprise for Elgton, but not everyone. When he called his mother to tell her the news of his selection, she was “hollering” on the call after getting the information. She was so delighted by the news that she called Elgton more than five times to confirm the news while confirmed on the NFL Network at 6 PM CT. 

Jenkins’ mother is not the only one who was sure that her son could do amazing things on the football field. The team players and coaches also noticed him. Jenkins thinks he’s a “blessed man” and attributed his achievement to hard work. He’s putting his efforts in and out of the field to become the best player he can. 

“It comes from hard work, just trying to be the best person I can, on the field, off the field, and getting the job done. The league is finally taking recognition, hopefully for the next, however, so many years it’ll keep happening.” – Jenkins on Packers.

What do you think about his selection? Do you like him as a player? Post about it in the comments. Follow us for more interesting updates.

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