Green Goblin Mask Smashed in Spider-man: No Way Home Trailer

Recently, a month before the Marvel Cinematic Universe filmmakers have decided to make a trailer available to the general public and that too hit screens on December 17 which is Spider-Man: No Way Home released another blockbuster trailer.

It comes after the film’s first trailer, which focused on the multidimensional dangerous villains of the film and broke all the YouTube records earlier this month. 

The most recent Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer introduces the movie by promising “it’s bigger than you could ever think” and showing more villain footage, such as a smashed mask of actor Willem Dafoe’s Green Goblin.

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The threequel follows Tom Holland’s Peter Parker on a multidimensional adventure that includes everything from lethal black magic to the reappearance of all five villains from previous Marvel Spider-Man films, played by Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield, respectively. 

Who Could Be the Dangerous Villain?

The final trailer of the Homecoming trilogy has been one of the most anticipated Spider-Man movies of all time, paving into theatres in less than a week, thanks to several No Way Home trailers that have provided ample details about the villains of the film which has been mentioned in the below section. Here is the list of the villains in the recent trailer shown.

  • Doctor Octopus of Alfred Molina
  • Sandman
  • Green Goblin of actor Willem Dafoe from the Spider-Man trilogy of Sam Raimi Plus
  • Rhys Ifans’ Lizard 
  • Jamie Foxx’s Electro also got introduced in the trailers

How MCU Surprised Their Audience?

In order to promote the film further the Marvel Studios released a surprising mini-trailer for their fans that disclosed more details of Peter’s conversation with Doctor Strange, including a warning to the web-slinger about the dangers of the spell which might harm them in a short span, warning that “if that spell gets loose, they are all coming here.” Before revealing the smashed mask of Green Goblin abandoned in an alleyway, the film reveals a pretty close to three villains:

  • Electro 
  • Lizard 
  • Sandman
Green Goblin Mask
Green Goblin Mask

In the mini trailer we witnessed that Strange tries to persuade Peter to “do not do this,” but the kid replies, “I have to try.” However, after watching the mini trailer the fans out there got very excited and they are curiously looking forward to it.

What Green Goblin Did In The Mini Trailer?

An unmasked Green Goblin violently throws a pumpkin bomb toward an unknown target and Goblin knew that Spider Tom Holland will catch it which was revealed in another Spider-Man: No Way Home video released before this one.

Green Goblin not wearing the mask could signal that the line between Norman and Green Goblin is fading which is similar to the split-personality shown in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man in 2002.

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The film, which includes the smashed mask, also shows someone running away in the opposite direction with the Green Goblin’s trademark scream, hinting that the mad villain will create havoc on the MCU Spider-Man domain.

Willem Dafoe as the villain will have his digital modified better toy with Tom Peter Parker, who acquires the Starks’ technology recently disclosed. Dafoe’s Green Goblin appears to be the most popular villain among fans, and while the mystery of the destroyed mask remains undiscovered, they will not have to wait long for the final revelation, which will arrive in less than a week.

Who Is the Green Goblin?

Green Goblin as Willem Dafoe is a fictional character played by actor Willem Dafoe. In Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 2002, Norman Osborn was one of Peter Parker’s greatest enemies. The insane psychopath has enhanced physical abilities and a large armament of advanced weapons. 

He is fascinated with Peter Parker and has attempted to destroy his life piece by piece on several occasions, particularly after discovering his true identity. Ultimately, the villain was unable to accomplish this, as he was killed by his flying board. And now, in Tom Holland’s new Spider-Man film, he is back, eager to inflict damage on this new world.

Green Goblin Attire

The official “Spider-Man: No Way Home” Twitter account has released a new poster showing the wall-crawler crouched on top of a pile of rubble with Doctor Octopus’ arms hovering around him. However, Marvel fans were quick to notice that the image contains a few carefully placed hints that indicate some of the film’s major villains. 

What’s more unexpected is that the Green Goblin himself can be seen flying towards Spider-Man in the distance. Although recent rumored concept art leaks reportedly show the villain wearing an apocalyptic rag-tag version of the suit, he’s wearing the entire costume from the original films. Stay with us to be more updated with your favorite stories.

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