Green Lantern 2 Release Date Status, Cast, Plot & Trailer

A 2011 superhero movie, Green Lantern portrayed Ryan Reynolds along with several other phenomenal characters named Blake Lively, Mark Strong, Angela Bassett, Peter Sarsgaard, Tim Robbins, and many more…Reynolds was framed in the story before Deadpool. It was expected that we would see another chapter of this story, Green Lantern. But years have passed without any words on part 2 of this adventure thriller. Let us understand the possibilities of the arrival of a new chapter of the story.

Green Lantern, based on the DC Comics character presented in the 2011 American superhero film. This story revolves around Hal Jordan who was the first human test pilot to become a member of the Green Lantern Corps, an intergalactic police force. Hal was allotted a ring embedded with superpowers to confront Parallax, who was up to disbalance the universe. 

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The film aired in 2011 but was not well received by the audience and hence received negative responses from all over. This was the only reason why Warner Brothers decided to cancel the further installments of the franchise. The movie only grossed $219 million against a production budget of $200 million. Those who liked the movie were continuously wondering about the updates on Green Lantern 2, but all the hope went in vain after this cancellation news. Let us check if we ever get the sequel of this drama.

Green Lantern 2 Release Date 

Well, we know that the film was one of the biggest flops of Dc comics. The hope for the arrival of part 2 was almost lost. However, in the last few days, there have been rumors about the same. 

In February 2021, Ryan Reynolds took to Twitter to respond to a rumor on the arrival of Green Lantern 2. He responded “It’s not me. But what a cool pirate flag to cameo as Hal. Maybe it’s another GL? But for me, the suit stays in the closet. I mean, computer.” 

We can conclude that for now, there is no hope of getting the sequel to Green Lantern. But for those who want to explore the story, you are getting the chance. As HBO Max decided to create a franchise around the television. In the comic show, there is more than one Green Lantern of Earth. This creates the hope that we may get the fan-favorite characters to be brought to life again. However, this is not confirmed, so we have to wait for the official stamp for the same.

Green Lantern 2
Green Lantern 2

Talking about the journey of the original film, it entered production several years back in 1997; The progress from that was steady for several years which later resulted in filming. In 2010, it took place in Louisiana. Earlier Warner Brothers had plans for the sequel but the negative reception reversed their decision on the same.

Green Lantern 2 Cast

As of now, we cannot expect where the ball can turn. As the story is not renewed for another installment, we should not comment on that. As we know, the audience admired the work of the cast in the movie. We may expect that the HBO show will bring some characters from the original cast list. Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan was the star cast of the movie. He was also enquired to be a part of any projects related to the story. Apart from him, we may meet the following faces in the show.

  • Blake Lively as Carol Ferris
  • Peter Sarsgaard as Hector Hammond
  • Mark Strong as Sinestro
  • Tim Robbins as Hammond
  • Jay O. Sanders as Carl Ferris
  • Taika Waititi as Tom Kalmaku
  • Angela Bassett as Doctor Waller
  • Mike Doyle as Jack Jordan
  • Nick Jandl as Jim Jordan
  • Dylan James as Jason Jordan
  • Gattlin Griffith as Young Hal
  • Jon Tenney as Martin Jordan
  • Leanne Cochran as Janice Jordan
  • Temuera Morrison as Abin Sur
  • Jeff Wolfe as Bob Banks
  • Lena Clark as Senator’s Assistant
  • Jenna Craig as Young Carol

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Green Lantern 2 Plot

Fans expected that the story would continue with the second installment because the movie ends with the same note of bit continuation. However, due to poor reception and negative response, The production left all the plans for the sequel. So for the time being, it could not be decided where it will take a turn. All the links from the previous story hint that if the makers come up with part 2, we will get all the answers which were left untold in the previous story. As of now, we can only frame some mindful stories of the sequel, till it gets official confirmation.

Green Lantern 2 Trailer

It is obvious that we will not get any trailer or any clip related to the movie until it gets renewal confirmation. If we look at the probability, the chances are nil. However, the makers may come with some new ideas to give it a fresh start. All these are mere probabilities, which will only be confirmed after the official announcement. So, we should not expect any trailer in the meantime. We will keep updating you, so make sure to keep us bookmarked for more such stories.

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