Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons Release Date Reveal and More Announced

Welcome back fam! Today we have some amazing updates about game lovers. The Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons Is going to be released really soon on the very successful MMORPG of  ArenaNet.  Recently it was announced by the developers that this game will be released sometime in the month of February.

However, February is almost here and no release date of the show has been announced yet.  But with a lot of delays, Arenanet has finally declared the date of the game’s release. The announcement was made recently and they shared that the release date of the  End of Dragon would be on 1st February.

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Along with the announcement of the exact release date the developer of Guild Wars 2 has also shared the complete schedule for the live stream which will also so be revealing a lot of details about the upcoming game.  And as per the report, this new schedule will be a bit different from the one that was shared with us in the month of October last year.

What is the Launch Schedule of End of Dragons?

The launch schedule for the end of Dragon was planned at first on the 28th of January. The launch schedule includes the map tour of New Kaineng City. However, now it is going to take place on the 8th of February.  As Kaineng City What’s the most important location from the game it would be very much interesting to see how everything changed tire century with End of dragons and Factions.

Guild Wars 2
Guild Wars 2

Just one week after the tour Arenanet will also be hosting a live stream to share all the details about the  Mastery line, of the finals Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons. Along with that, there will also be a stream showing the music of the end of dragons. This has not been completely announced yet. 

This is not gameplay for the upcoming game but we are very much sure that the Guild Wars team is going to deliver an amazing set of music for us as well.  Lastly, ArenaNet even shares that there is going to be some form of celebration on the launch of End of Dragon.  So do not forget to keep an eye on it as it can definitely help you get some in-game free.

On Which Dates the Live Streaming Is Scheduled?

The Livestream scheduled Will be gained from the 4th of February with the tour of Kaineng City.  On the 11th of February, they are going to take us through all the Jade Tech Mastery previews.

And as much as we know all the important Jade tech is going to be shown including a peek at the frozen Jade Sea, and Jade Tech with a lot of specializations which was announced last year. On the 18th of February, the music preview for the game would be shown and the last day of the event would be in late February. 

The live streams of the game are going to be held on the official page of Guild Wars 2. So do not forget to check out all the recent previews of a lot of ender Dragon content that has been uploaded on the site which also includes Skiffs, Fishing, and Strike mission.  

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