What is Hades II Release Date? On Which Platform Will Hades 2 Rle

We promised additional details about Hades II’s Early Access plans in 2023 when we initially presented the game at The Game Awards in 2022. We need to clarify those plans soon!

Hades II Release Date

Given the information we have regarding the early access release timetable, we anticipate that Hades 2 will be released somewhere in March 2025. The short 22-month period between Hades’ early access and official release is to blame for this.

According to Supergiant’s announcement in September 2023, “Hades II will have at least as much content from day one in Early Access as the original game did back when it launched in Early Access on Steam.” Given that the original Hades stayed in early access for an impressive 22 months, it’s reasonable to assume that Hades II will stay there for somewhat longer.

Launched in September 2020, the original Hades went into early access in December 2018. We anticipate that PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X/S, and PS5 will be the platforms for Hades 2, following in the footsteps of the previous game. However, similar to the original Hades, the console release will most likely follow early access.

The Technical Assessment for Hades II

The Technical Assessment for Hades II

Additionally, in Q2 2024, just before we launch in Early Access, we will conduct a technical test with a small group of players. The goal of this test is to identify and fix any compatibility or technical issues that may have gone unnoticed so that Early Access players of Hades II have a good time.

Because of this, the technical test will be significantly shorter and more focused than the Early Access launch, and it will probably only be accessible to a select group of players who have shown interest in taking part. As the release date of the Hades II Technical Test draws near, we will provide additional information.

Hades 2 Story

The events of Zagreus’ Underworld adventures are claimed to occur “sometime” after the events of Hades, the first game’s direct sequel. Chronos, the Titan of Time and a “wicked father” to Hades and his siblings, is at the center of Hades 2, which is also set in and around Greek mythology.

After escaping from Hades, Chronos now fights for Olympus. Though it’s a sequel to the original, Supergiant assures us that familiarity with Hades or Greek mythology is not necessary to enjoy the new game.

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