Haikyuu Season 5 Release Date Status, Trailer, Cast, and Plot

Haikyu is a Japanese fiction show composed and represented by Haruichi Furudate. The tale highlights Shōyō Hinata, a boy who decided to become a famous volleyball athlete despite his short height.

Younger high school senior, Shōyō Hinata, becomes plagued with volleyball after looking at Karasuno High School participating in Nationals on TV. Of small size himself, Hinata is motivated by a member of the critics’ nickname ‘The Little Giant’, Karasuno’s small but skilled wing spiker. 

Though young, Hinata is powerful and has an effective upright jump; he enters his school’s volleyball association – just to discover he is its single member, taking him to spend the next two years attempting to influence other classmates to help him work.

In the 3rd and last year of junior high, a few of Hinata’s buddies allow following the club to play in a match. In his initial official game ever, they experience a crushing loss to the team picked to win the game – that involved 3rd-year Tobio Kageyama, a genius setter called ‘The King of the Court’ for both his talent and his cruel play way. 

The couple sparks a little competition, and after the game, Hinata swears to destroy Kageyama in high school. Here is everything we know so far about Haikyuu season 5.


Haikyuu Season 5 Release Date

As Haikyuu hasn’t been formally resumed for the 5th time, a release date hasn’t yet been announced. But, we can make few forecasts depends on the creation record of previous seasons.

Considering the anime will be renewed in the forthcoming few months, and there won’t be a different three-year separation, Haikyuu season 5 could debut as quickly as autumn 2021.

But a more sensible expectation would be that the 5th season of the series will publish in Winter 2021, concurrently with the additional two-cour division program, i.e. January 2021 and October 2022.

Haikyuu Season 5 Cast

The cast of Haikyuu season 5 is as follows:

  • Nobuhiko Okamoto being Yu Nishinoya
  • Nobuyuki Sagara being Hisashi Kinoshita
  • Kaito Ishikawa being Tobio Kageyama
  • Jun Nazuka will play the role of Aran Ojiro
  • Ryusei Nakao will perform as Tanji Washijo
  • Hideaki Kabumoto being Osamu Miya
  • Mamuro Miyano will act as Atsumu Miya
  • Ayumu Murase being Shoyo Hinata
  • Yoshimasa Hosoya will act as Asahi Azumane
  • Hiroshi Kamiya will act as Ittetsu Takeda
  • Yuu Hayashi will play the role of Ryunoksuke Tanaka
  • Yu Miyazaki being Sachiro Hirugmai

Haikyuu Season 5 Trailer

There is no trailer revealed for Haikyuu season 5 yet. You can only watch its previous trailers and seasons to entertain yourself.

Haikyuu Season 5 Plot

In the season 4 end, the members of Karasuno High are yet obtaining it challenging to conclude that they have won upon the much more powerful Inarizaki. While the teammates complement each other, Kageyama and Hinata begin arguing regarding who got the last section. 


The Inarizaki members are yet strip shocked after the loss and understand that they require much retrospection. Daichi is pleased that the team’s enthusiasts were there to encourage them throughout the competition unless he isn’t assured what might have occurred. 

All Karasuno members are genuinely exhausted and can’t anticipate getting some rest, besides Hinata, who declares that he can play a different game. 

After the much-justified win upon such a big contestant, the players have received at least some sleep. The next crew they meet will be the grand Nekoma High.

In season 5, chapter 293 onwards of the fictional series will be accommodated for the show. The competition between Karasuno and Nekoma might be the central storyline. While it has become the standard with the show, it might show the backstories of several Nekoma members and team members within flashbacks.

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Final Words

It is all about Haikyuu season 5 that you must know. What do you think about Haikyuu season 5? Tell us in the comments below! Now, it’s time to end the post! Stay tuned with us for such trendy and latest news!

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