7+ Prime Hallmark Christmas Movies List

Welcome back Fan! Today we are here talking about Hallmark Christmas movies. Well, Christmas movies have always been my favorite and with the years of watching sweet movies, I am sure am not alone on the list. We all can agree on one thing these movies have something magical in it which makes you watch them over and over again. These movies can take you to a dream fantasy land.

Even though some hate how predictable these movies can be there are people who completely love the show. As we can agree all the women in these Christmas movies full leave behind their life to find peace and joy in a small town spending Christmas with friends and family.

Every year Hallmark movies and channel surprises us by expanding their movies for the entire year. For example, last year they had planned a total of 41 new movies, and every year they put on an effort to diversify the holiday excitement among the viewers. Even after having a predictable plotline in most of the stories we always end up revisiting the movies from earlier. So I have gathered a few of my favorite movies of all the time starting from 2006 to date below.

No matter what the movies are even if they’re old or new all the Christmas movies will make you laugh, cry and completely fall in love with them in a new way every time you watched them.  So what are you waiting for keep on reading further as I have listed my top 10 favorite shows below for you!

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Chateau Christmas

The story is about the Margot which is played by Merritt Patterson return who was seen returning to her home to rediscover her passion. On the way, while she was finding out her passion and her interest in music she came along the old love. This story will give you a sweet reminder of our past and will tell you what it is to follow passion.

Deliver by Christmas

The story is about Molly finding herself in a love triangle and feeling that she is falling in love with Josh in real. However, she also had some feelings about a mystery man she has been texting. The best part was she must not have realized that both the persons were actually the same.  Molly has been played by Alvina August and Josh is played by Eion Bailey in the show. 

Christmas Everlasting

Christmas Everlasting
Christmas Everlasting

This movie doesn’t hold the concept of Hallmark’s regular Christmas movies. Christmas Everlasting shows a sad reminder of how one should face life even if that means owning up to your insecurity and secrets all along the journey.  In this story, you will see Tatyana Ali who faces Lucy a very high-profile lawyer who would be forced to confront about pass after her sister passes away.

A Christmas Melody

The relationship between Brennan Elliott and  Lacey Chabert is like a gift for all of us. This pair had already won millions of hearts in all of my heart movies and after that, they paired once again for the Christmas movie. This movie is directed by Mariah Carey, and if you look beyond Brennan and Lisa’s chemistry on screen then you will also see a special appearance by the Queen of Christmas.

The Christmas Secret

This story is about true rags to riches Christmas story. Christine would be a single mother and must be facing a lot of problems after the legal disputes, eviction, and unemployment ever when she finds a new job at a bakery she gets a completely new life and maybe a new lover too. The story is about how life changes during Christmas and you will completely fall in love with it once you watch the storyline.

It’s Christmas, Eve

This story is completely filled with music and introduces LeAnn Rimes’ to us as a debut in this movie. She is seen playing a role of a school superintendent named Eve and must be seen cutting the school’s music program until the ship finds the head of the music department who is probably single.

Christmas in Evergreen

This movie is completely filled with the merriest towns of America and will take you on a ride where you can enjoy the evergreen plotline of the series.  The fourth movie of this series has been under underproduction. Everything that happens in this movie will make sense and focus on a new Romance starting cast like Mark Deklin, Jill Wagner, Paul Greene,  Barbara Niven, Ashley William, and Holly Robinson Peete.

Holly & Ivy

In this story, you will see Melody’s life-changing experiences.  After having a heartbreaking Revolution Mary Looks for a better life.  When Melody’s neighbor Nina revealed once again that her illness have been back Melody knew that there was only one thing she could do to help her. she adopted both the children of Nina. To handle both of them she has to work hard and that leads to a charming single man Adam.

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Christmas at Graceland

There has always been something with Graceland estate of Elvis Presley painted with Red and Green that will completely keep you in a holiday spirit. This story is about Laurel played by  Kellie Pickler who would return to Memphis and must have been welcomed by two surprises one is her ex-flame played by West Brown and the other is the new love to have a simple life

A Shoe Addict’s Christmas

This show is nothing as the name suggests but is filled with fatal love and a lot of memories from Christmas past. In this story, a guardian Angel gives Noelle a pair of Magical shoes Just like Cinderella had back then. However,  this one would be blessed with Hallmark magic that would take her to the time to win her belief in Christmas back.


If you liked the above list then do comment down below your views about the same and let us know what your favorite movies are. Till then stay tuned with us for all such amazing a base about your favorite shows in characters, Green Energy Analysis.

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