Handmaid’s Tale Star Amanda Bruegel Defends the Show From Its Biggest Criticism

The Handmaid’s Tale has returned for its fourth season, and the criticism surrounding the show’s violence has reappeared. This is not the first time.

The team had its first meeting in May of this year. When an early season 4 episode drew analogies to views, he found himself embroiled in controversy, with the show being condemned of devolving into “Pornography” torture. Later on, things got normalized.

However, star Amanda Brueghel, who, in an exclusive meeting, defended the show, was frank about just how his ideas gave the creators the intended effect.

Amanda’s Views

“Nothing seen in the show is new,” she went on to say. “Things like these happen all the time all across the world.” So, while they are unsettling and difficult to swallow, I believe they are necessary to demonstrate that we are not yet at the end of our path, particularly in terms of violence against women, misogyny, and gender equality.”

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“I honestly believe that making people uncomfortable seems to be the only way to make an impact,” the actress remarked. “It is not bothersome for them to turn away, but it strikes a nerve in order to urge others to rise up and pay attention.”

She added “I mean, I see,” actress Madeleine Brewer told us in an exclusive interview earlier this year, while the program was still on the air. It is a difficult show to watch, especially compared to last year. Because we are living through collective trauma, I am sure it was tough for individuals to bear more trauma.

To be honest, it is a hefty request. It seems like there are some challenges in following the show. We expect that details would be revealed later. Till then, you can explore more stories with us.

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